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The Thorne's permanent collection includes an impressive selection of nationally recognized 19th-century artists who flourished around Mount Monadnock at the turn of the century, including Alexander James, Richard Meryman, Joseph Lindon Smith, and Barry Faulkner.

The collection has grown through the years to include works by other contemporary artists, such as George Rickey, Robert Mapplethorpe, Vargian Bogosian and Jules Olitski.

The exterior is enhanced by "The Source", a granite relief by Gary Haven Smith; "Reaching", a metal sculpture by David Lee Brown; "Landscape", a kinetic sculpture by George Rickey; and "Oranto", a steel sculpture on long-term loan from the artist, Jules Olitski.

You can view any image in our site in a larger format (under 200K) and learn more about the artist by clicking the icon. We will continue to add to this library from our permanent collection.


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