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Where are we now?
  • On line rideshare program for Faculty/Staff erideshare
  • Participation in community bike path projects
  • Campus Shuttle integral to HHHC city-wide bus system (1000's of riders each year)
  • Biodiesel used in all diesel vehicles (and equipment) on campus
  • Active Green Bike program (800 rentals in 2010 school year)
  • Bike/bike trailer use by Recycling, Gardening, Electrical and Campus Safety staffs
  • Multiple GEM (electric) cars used by Athletics, Grounsd, Alumni, Campus Safety, Residential Life
  • Expanded walking trails
  • Right sizing of vehicles for intended use
  • Multiple bus stop shelters throughout campus and at satellite parking areas

Where do we want to be?
  • Continue to decrease dependence on fossil fuel powered vehicles for campus trades people and safety officers
  • Transportation related student initiatives (GPS identification of off campus student living clusters, etc.)
  • Reduced need for parking by encouraging more walking/biking and rideshare participation
  • Covered bike parking
  • Increased number of bus stops with bike parking
  • Increased student access to bikes and bike repairs through the Green Bikes program
  • Shared car program (e.g. Zip Cars)

How do we get there?
  • Further incentives for biking and walking to work from home or from satellite parking areas
  • Continued collaboration with HHHC
  • Continued participation in the regional Transportation Management Authority (TMA) group
  • Continued collaboration with helath and wellness programs


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