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Where are we now?
  • Active recycling program diverting 36% of KSC's waste from the landfill
  • Full-time recycling coordinator
  • In house management of most waste and recycling generated on campus
  • New packer truck and dumpsters in 2009
  • Limited illegal waste disposal through better signage
  • Universal Waste management (batteries, ballasts, lamps)
  • Recycling collection with student workers
  • Blue bags for recycling in all residence hall rooms
  • Toner, ink jet, battery and electronics recycling
  • Pre-plate composting form Dining Commons and Student Center
  • C&D waste recycling
  • Extensive furniture and mattress recycling
  • Re-Use Room for office supplies
  • Active surplus program
  • Centralized recycling for all academic and support buildings
  • Computer and Electronic equipment recycling program

Where do we want to be?
  • Increase diversion rate to 50% by 2020
  • Resume composting post-plate waste
  • Continued efforts to reduce waste produced on campus
  • Expand centralized recycing for all academic buildings
  • Improve Construction and Demolition recycling on all projects
  • New employee education about recycling and sustainability work on campus

How do we get there?
  • Continued education of students, faculty and staff
  • Work with Human Resources to develop training materials
  • Continued work with local haulers and residents to improve access to food waste composting


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