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Where are we now?
  • 10 year Master Plan approved in 2004 includes Sustainability as a Master Plan Concept Goal
  • Continued incorporation of green space into building projects
  • Zero Net Energy Building design for new TDS buildig (Technology, Design and Safety)
  • Appian Way - the pedestrian "spine" of campus - extended and designed to incorporate Oya Hill memorial, gardens and secondary Quad
  • Pondside 3 residence Hall LEED Silver
  • Continued use of high performance building techniques, such as pre-occupancy testing, auditing and energy performance
  • Integration of sustainable building practicese in all USNH capital planning RFP's

Where do we want to be?
  • New Master Plan in 2014
  • Continue to make our campus a model for Sustainability
  • Incorporating re-commissioning in all major building retrofits and new buildings
  • Cost control and waste avoidance through improved building energy performance
  • Sustainability as a guiding principle in planning decisions

How do we get there?
  • New Master Plan development beginning in 2012
  • Intellectual and financial commitment to Sustainable planning and building practices
  • Use of contract language to implement change
  • Funding mechanisms that looks beyond the normal funding cycle
  • Use of Performance contracting
  • Use of LEED principles in all buildings


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