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Where are we now?
  • 2010 heating, cooling and power upgrades in the Data Center provided $18,000 in energy savings in one year.
  • Electronic media sources: Campus News (faculty and Staff), Equinox (student newspaper)
  • "Public" computer kiosks in academic and student life buildings
  • Academic catalog on-line only
  • Use of Blackboard and MyKSC student interfaces for classroom, registration and billing purposes - providing digital on-line services for teaching, learning, communications and student services.
  • Use of digital signage in high traffic locations
  • Desktops are configured for power savings. Systems are deployed with sleep features, and labs are managed with sleep and scheduled shutdowns.
  • KSC maintains a regular computing replacement cycle in an effort to benefit from industry advances in power efficiency. Additionally, we purchase the highest Energy Star rated devices that meet the needs of intended applications.
  • Data Center: Virtualization hardware and software has been able to reduce the need for physical, dedicated servers. KSC has virtualized over 60% of its servers. The result is less power consumption and heat generation, and far less physical space.
  • KSC is piloting thin-client technology. Our goal is to replace (where possible) PCs with separate terminals that use a central data center to store and process applications.
  • Computer procurement and disposal follow standard processes. Energy Star equipment is standard for desktops, laptops, and other IT equipment. The ITGroup coordinates the disposal of purchased IT equipment through a third party recycling firm and KSC ROCKS.

Where do we want to be?
  • One stop portal for campus supplies
  • Increase on-line services
  • Migrate to multi-function (print/copy/fax/scan) devices to reduce the number of individual printers on campus

How do we get there?
  • Continue to gather input from staff, faculty, students, administration
  • Continue to review and adopt/adpat best practices for IT sustainability
  • Continue to follow the College's IT Strategic Plan


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