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The mission of the President's Council for a Sustainable Future at Keene State College (PCSF) is to affirm the beliefs that college faculty, staff, administration and students have a responsibility to take a leadership role in conducting activities as responsible stewards of the environment. Through role modeling as a college-wide proactive learning community and by serving as an interdisciplinary resource group, the Council will strive to support educational and institutional activities that promote environmental awareness and stewardship through local action and global thinking.

The PCSF provides grant support to campus organizations and individuals whose programs or efforts support this mission. Normally grant support does not exceed $500.


All publicity for the supported activity must acknowledge the President's Council for a Sustainable Future. A written or oral report must be submitted to the Council within one month of the completion of the event/workshop/conference. Failure to do so will result in ineligibility for future award consideration.


Evaluation Criteria

  1. The proposed activity must further the mission of the PCSF.
  2. Priority is assigned to projects that receive matching funds from other sources.
  3. Priority is assigned to projects with potential for campus-wide involvement and which are open to the public.

Proposals Guidelines

The proposal should not exceed two pages in length but should include attachments such as publicity packets, program brochures or supporting literature that help explain the nature of the request. The proposal narrative should include:

  1. The name, mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address of the individual responsible for the activity
  2. The sponsoring organization's name
  3. A description of the proposed activity
  4. The location, date, and time of the proposed activity
  5. A clear statement of how the activity supports the PCSF's mission
  6. The plans for publicizing the activity
  7. A budget, which outlines how PCSF dollars will be used as well as the source of other funds.


Proposals for financial support will be evaluated two times this academic year according to the following deadline schedule:

  • Friday, October 17, 2014
  • Friday, March 27, 2015

Proposals should be addressed to the President's Council for a Sustainable Future and received in the President's Office no later than 4 p.m. on the above dates. Proposals should be sent to Patricia Francis, Chief of Staff to the President, at mailstop 1504.


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