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Fair Trade is a form of global commerce based on trust, transparency and reciprocity. Fair Trade is a mass movement that helps people in communities in developing countries. Those workers make more money, under good working conditions and with benefits. By making a fair wage for their work, Fair Trade workers help support their families and send their children to school for a better life. By making a living wage, those workers and their families can also buy things that are needed for everyday life. Fair Trade commerce has grown immensely since it first started in the 1960s. Over the years, Keene State College has being getting more and more Fair Trade goods on campus.

Keene State College's Fair Trade Timeline

The first Fair Trade item to make it to the Keene State College campus was Green Mountain coffee in 2008. Students brought in Equal Exchange chocolate and tea in early 2010. That same year, Keene State College Dining Services vendor, SODEXO, unveiled their new line of Aspretto Fair Trade tea, coffee and sugar. In the spring of 2011, the Keene State College bookstore began selling Fair Trade Keene State College t-shirts and the Keene State College Fair Trade Club was formed. This club promotes Fair Trade on our campus though educational events, activities, movies, and festivals.

Finding Fair Trade on Campus

Fair Trade goods are all over Keene State College. It is in the Dining Commons - which serves only 100% fair trade coffee and tea. It is in the Student Center at Lloyds and the Bean and Bagel - where customers can choose to purchase Fair Trade coffee and chocolate and at the Campus Bookstore. Keene State College also offers courses in Fair Trade, features Fair Trade in their freshman orientation, at the Winter Festival Fair, during Earth Day Festivities and at Solar Fest (the Campus Ecology sponsored solar powered free concert) and at various campus events throughout the year.

More information on Fair Trade can be found at student educational web sites. KSC Students Fair Trade Page

To join the Keene State College Fair Trade community visit us on Facebook

Check out these reports, created by Dr. Tamara Stenn’s 2012-13 IQL 101 Measuring Fair Trade classes. One report is on the amount of Fair Trade certified goods sold on campus and the value they represent and the other is a study on consumer knowledge of Fair Trade in the U.S. in Keene and at KSC.

National US Fair Trade Consumer Study
Free Trade Annual Report


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