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Edward Pokras

Sciences and Social Sciences/Social Sciences
Putnam Science Center 236 • M-2001
603-358-8888 x4430

Dr. Edward Pokras is a lecturer in the Geology Department. He earned his Ph.D. , in Geological Sciences from Columbia University in New York in 1985. He also earned is M.Phil., in Geological Sciences from Columbia University in 1983. Further, he received his M.S. in Geology from the University of Wyoming in Laramie, WY in 1977 and a B.S., in Geology from Bates College in Lewiston, ME in 1973.

Dr. Pokras is a widely experienced instructor in the classroom as well as informal settings and has extensive experience researching and analyzing a broad spectrum of quantitative and qualitative information in academic, scientific and business environments. He has developed and delivered highly effective presentations for scientific and business audiences and is an author and editor of technical publications and research studies for leading journals.

As an educator, he has taught Marine Geology, Earth Systems Science, Meteorology and Quantitative Literacy at the undergraduate level, instructed undergraduate Geology laboratories at various institutions and taught middle-school and high-school Physical Science, Earth Science and Spanish.

When it comes to research and data analysis, he has statistically demonstrated correlation between geographic distributions of microfossils in sediments of the tropical Atlantic and oceanography of overlying waters. He's also conducted original research in micropaleontology that furthered understanding and substantiated existing theory on the mechanisms of long-term climate change.

In his career, Dr. Pokras has secured four-year funding from National Science Foundation of ~$90-100,000 per year by developing compelling grant proposals to study climate change, has been the sole or lead author of ten scientific papers in peer-reviewed publications-- including Nature-- and the junior author of eight peer-reviewed publications. He's edited and critiqued scientific writings of other scientists, in terms of English usage and scientific content and delivered at least 17 oral presentations of research results at national and international venues.

Dr. Pokras has been an Adjunct Faculty member at Keene State College since 2007.

He has participated in Future of Scientific Ocean Drilling committee, the NATO International Geological Correlation Programme #252: Past and Future Evolution of Deserts and in the Leg 108, Ocean Drilling Program as a Diatom Paleontologist. He was also an invited speaker at the International Quaternary Association meeting.

He has also been a member of the Bonnyvale Environmental Education Center and the Southeastern Vermont Audubon Society.

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