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David White

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Rhodes Hall S129 • M-2611

Degrees: EdD Elementary Education, MEd Elementary Education, BA Psychology, University of Virginia

Professional Interests: Dedicated to creative teaching at the elementary school level; passionate about children’s literature

Awards/Accolades: National Teaching Fellowship (1980); KSC Distinguished Teacher Award (1985); KSC Alumni Association Outstanding Service Award (1997)

Key Professional Work:

  • Co-author of journal articles, including “Insights from Authors: What Readers Can Learn about Self and Society,” Journal of Children’s Literature, Fall 2001

  • International presentations on children’s literature

  • Founded the KSC Children’s Literature Festival (1977) and the Festival Gallery Collection (1990)

Personal Interests: The full-size traditional Irish cottage my husband and I built on our property was featured on New Hampshire Chronicle. I also love genealogical research, country antiques, cooking, gardening, and Irish travel.

All three of my degrees were earned at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville: an undergraduate degree in psychology, a master's degree in education, and a doctorate in elementary education. Prior to coming to Keene State College in 1975, I taught fourth grade and self-contained special education in public schools in Virginia. I entered higher education with the goal of improving public education. I see myself as a professor dedicated to promoting creative teaching through children's literature. As founder and director of the annual Keene State College Children's Literature Festival in 1978, I have had over thirty years to develop my expertise and to make contacts with authors, illustrators, publishers, critics, teachers, and others devoted to children's literature. I also started the Festival Gallery Collection in 1990 that is now the home of hundreds of illustrations by over 180 published children's book illustrators. The success of my various projects related to the Festival has resulted in both my name and that of Keene State College being known throughout the country and now abroad. Because of my enthusiasm for children's literature, my ability to share my excitement, and keeping up with recent books, I have become a frequent presenter at workshops and conferences. Quite often I am asked to share creative ways of incorporating literature across the elementary curriculum. At other times I am asked to give specialized workshops such as "Learning About the Past through Children's Literature," "Cultural Exploration through Folk Tales," "Using Folk Tales in the Classroom," and "Developing Thematic Integrated Units through Children's Literature." My literature focus fuses with my commitment to preparing informed, caring elementary level teachers. I believe very strongly that as someone involved in the preparation of teachers I must do all I can to insure that only caring and knowledgeable teachers are the ones to enter the profession. To learn more about the Children's Literature Festival and its various components, go to

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