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Kristen Porter-Utley

Photo of  Kristen  Porter-Utley
Putnam Science Center 331 • M-2001

I am a botanist and plant systematist, and I teach courses focused on plants and evolution.

My research for the past 15 years has been focused on the passionflower family.  I completed a revision, based upon molecular and morphological data, of a small group of apetalous passionflowers (Passiflora subgenus Decaloba supersection Cieca).  I am currently finishing up my part of a large, collaborative project to revise Passiflora subgenus Decaloba (a project funded through the Revisionary Syntheses in Systematics program, the National Science Foundation).

I am now attempting to expand my area of botanical expertise.  I have recently begun a project to revise the plant family Ochnaceae, a group of mostly woody plants in the Order Malpighiales.  We will see where this new project takes me, but I am excited to be studying a different and very interesting group of tropical plants.

When I am not teaching or doing laboratory and field work, I enjoy skiing and hiking with my husband, Luke.  I also play the guitar and built my own OO-12 fret at the Whetstone School of Lutherie in the summer of 2012.  I escape to the tropics as much as I can (for work and pleasure) – I am a tropical girl who was born and raised in Florida.

That is me in a nutshell.  Enjoy exploring my website.

If you are interested in more information about me, here is my curriculum vita.

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