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Len Fleischer

Rhodes Hall S124 • M-2611

Degrees/Credentials: BA Early Childhood Education, Metropolitan State College (Denver); MA Applied Early Developmental Psychology, University of Colorado; MEd Counseling and Consulting Psychology, Harvard EdD Counseling and Consulting Psychology, Harvard University; licensed clinical psychologist

Professional Interests: Emotional development in childhood and adolescence; school-based psychological wellness programs; moral and character development curricula; development of interpersonal understanding; wilderness, community, and school-based rites of passage programs; personality, cognitive, and neuropsychological assessment; mindfulness-based stress reduction

Key Professional Work:

  • Fleischer, L. (2011). Encountering adulthood: College as a rite of passage. Journal of College Orientation and Transition, 18(1).
  • Fleischer, L. (2010). Developing emotional literacy: Transition planning for youth at risk. Reclaiming Children and Youth, 19(1).
  • Fleischer, L. (2010). The journey to a genuine life: Mentoring the passage to adulthood. Encounter: Education for Meaning and Social Justice, 23(2).
  • Fleischer, L. (2009). Bearing witness to life. Circles on the Mountain, 15(1).
  • Fleischer, L. (2005). The development of authentic identity in adolescence: Implications for the soul of education. Reclaiming Children and Youth, 14(3).
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