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Dr. Angela Barlow

Assistant Professor
Sciences and Social Sciences/Social Sciences
Rhodes Hall S268 • M-2001


I received a Ph.D. in Sociology with an emphasis in Criminology and Gender Studies from Virginia Tech in 2013. My teaching and research revolves around topics within criminology, gender, race, deviance, and culture.

Current Courses:

Criminology; Women and Crime capstone; Research Methods; The Sociology of Deviance; Social Problems; Race, Crime, and the Media


My interdisciplinary education has allowed me to explore several varied but related topics of research. My interest in culture and deviance resulted in research focusing on workplace deviance within hair salon industry, and on organizational factors related to the production of culture in the beauty industry.

My dissertation research is an empirical test of Donald Black’s theory of Moral Time. In this study I present vignettes depicting sexualized interactions between coworkers to measure the perceived level of conflict resulting from the interaction. I then vary the characteristics of people depicted in the vignettes based on gender and sexual orientation, and measure changes in perceived levels of conflict.

My most recent area of research involves a mixed-methods study with women inmates at the Massachusetts Correctional Institute (MCI Framingham). This research allows me to incorporate my interest in criminology with culture, investigating women’s use of beauty products while incarcerated as coping mechanisms and as forms of resistance.

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