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Dr. Marie Duggan

Photo of Dr. Marie  Duggan
Rhodes Hall 265 • M-3400

Marie Christine Duggan has taught economics at Keene State for thirteen years. She typically teaches macroeconomics, economic history, and econometrics. She works hard and expects her students to do the reading, find the data, and to write. When she occasionally teaches History of Economic Thought, she focusses on the 1944 conference at Bretton Woods where Keynes and Harry Dexter White negotiated rules for global trade and finance that broke down in 1973. In economic history, she explores how financing for industry changed in the local region between 1973 and the present. She published "The Laws of the Market versus Laws of God: Scholastic Doctrine in Early California" in the History of Political Economy in 2005, and Taking Back Globalization: A China-US Counterfactual Using Keynes' 1941 Proposal for an International Clearing Union in the Review of Radical Political Economy 2013. She is currently on sabbatical writing a book on the financing of Spain's Colony in California, and the privatization of the California missions after Mexican independence (1769 to 1834). She will return to exploring finance and industry in Keene when she returns in Fall 2014.

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