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Dr. Brian Christopher Kanouse

Lead Instructor/Coordinator Summer Program
Communication and Philosophy
Media Arts Center 120 • M-4000

Brian Kanouse specializes in the analysis of current modes of knowledge and power utilizing the philosophies of French Post-Structuralism, Critical Theory, Phenomenology and Existentialism. His research covers the intersections of ethics and gender, sex and sexuality as well as criminality and medical diagnosis. His work has been published in the World Institute for Advanced Phenomenological Research’s primary journal, the Analecta Husserliana. Additionally, Dr. Kanouse is Program Director of Keene State’s Summer Retention Program, Summer Momentum, which develops self-identity and decision-making in students looking to improve their performance at the college.

Brian is also the founder and faculty advisor for the American Democracy Project's student affiliate, the Keene State Debate Club.

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