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2011 Student Employee of the Year, Zachary Beaver, with supervisor Jennifer Ferrell and KSC President Helen Giles Gee.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Student Employee of the Year?
This spring, as part of National Student Employment Week, Keene State College will choose a Student Employee of the Year. This student will be selected as an employee who best embodies the contributions and achievements of students who work while attending college. The contest is sponsored by KSC Student Financial Services.

How is a nomination form submitted?
Nominations may be submitted online.

Who is eligible to be nominated?
College Work-Study and Student Hourly student workers who:

  • Are full-time enrolled undergraduate or graduate students, except Resident Assistants, Graduate Assistants, and Teaching Assistants.
  • Have a GPA of 2.75, or better, at the time of nomination.
  • Have been employed for a minimum of three months full-time (20 hrs/week) or six months part-time (9-15 hrs/week) between June 2010 and May 2011 (anticipated). This is equivalent to 240 working hours during the year period.
  • Were employed by the nominating department prior to February 4, 2011.

Who can nominate?
The KSC staff and faculty are invited to nominate a student worker for the Student Employee of the Year for exemplary student employment service.

  • Must be submitted by a direct supervisor.
  • Are open to all KSC departments/offices and supervisors who employ at least one qualifying student.
  • Are limited to one per department/office, except in departments that employ more than 15 students. These departments may submit one nomination per 15 employees.

What are the selection criteria?
Students will be evaluated on the following, equally-weighted qualities, as well as length of service.

  • Quality of work
  • Initiative
  • Disposition/Professionalism
  • Reliability
  • Contribution to the employer

How will the Student Employee of the Year be recognized?
Student Employee of the Year nominees will be honored, and the overall winner announced, during National Student Employment Week, April 10-16, 2011. All nominees will receive a certificate of recognition and will be honored during National Student Employment Week. KSC's Student Employee of the Year will receive a plaque recognizing his/her accomplishment, a prize package and their nomination will be forwarded to the Northeast Association of Student Employment Administrators (NEASEA) for consideration as Northeast Student Employee of the Year.

Nomination Tips
How you present your nominee is very important (please review the nomination examples below). In addition to submitting nomination forms that are neat and free of errors, it is also helpful to the nomination committee if you follow these guidelines:

  • Include the student's job title, the essential qualifications necessary to do the job, and what the job entails. To help you put this into words, refer to job description of your job posting. It is important that you relate how the job and the student's job performance play a role in your departments operation and success.
  • Stress the level of responsibility, accomplishment and competence demonstrated by the nominee. Please use examples to highlight achievements; how does this student contribute to your office above and beyond their job description.
  • Present the nominee in a complimentary professional and personal light. Provide details and specific examples or anecdotes to back your claims.
  • Within the various categories, comment on the student's work and discuss things such as professionalism, communication skills, interpersonal skills, ability to work under pressure and ability to fit in the organizational structure and goals. Highlight the student's performance and potential through examples of actual events.
  • Be subjective. Provide your personal perspective to show the student as being "exceptional" or "going above and beyond" his/her job duties. Your comments will show the reader why you enjoyed working with the student as an employee and individual, and also why he/she would deserve to be the Student Employee of the Year at Keene State College.
  • Please limit your comments to 150 words for each category as required by the National Student Employment Association.
  • The deadline for nominations is February 4, 2011, 4 p.m. Nominations received after that date can not be considered.

Nomination Examples

  • "His contribution is completely unique to the College and even the University System. He is the only student who currently fills this type of position. In fact, I don't know of any other school that provides students with this huge responsibility and opportunity. His contribution is also unique in his level of commitment to the position, the play's we work on, and the department. He was awarded this one of a kind position under my supervision, for our faculty directed production of "The Children's Hour." In that capacity he was responsible for a litany of duties, as well as overseeing large student crew. He handles himself as a young professional; always engaged, always learning."
  • "She has learned advanced functions in computer programs such as Excel and Access, then come and taught the professional staff how to use them in ways that are most helpful to the office and our endeavors. (She has even been able to convert some computer-phobes.) She is constantly thinking up new ways to present information so that it is student-friendly, as well as ways to make our waiting area attractive and informative. She is not afraid to make suggestions on how to improve various processes; especially on how to communicate better with students. She shares her ideas willingly and although she may be quietly pleased when we adopt one of her ideas, she never shows disappointment if we don't. She takes on a natural (and completely accepted) leadership role with the rest of our student staff without ever appearing to be bossy. She also befriends both student and professional staff when any of us needs a boost."
  • "In the last three years, I have worked with approximately 100 student workers. In this time, she has been the most reliable of any of these students. Not only does she arrive at work consistently on-time, she has come in at a moments notice on dozens of unscheduled days to help out with last minute annual fund mailings, events, and to cover the office phones. One of many examples of her reliable dedication was this past December. As our office prepared an 8,000 piece mailing, production was slowed down due to a printer problem. Originally we hoped to get it in the mail by Friday, but were barely half done on Thursday evening. On Friday morning, she appeared with two other student workers from our office (that she recruited) to help us finish the project on their day off. She personally stuffed thousands of envelopes and our mission was accomplished by the original deadline."
  • "He deals with complicated setups and equipment. His setups are always correct and they work the first time that a student does the exercise. There are no "surprises" with his work and his setups need NO adjustments! He often comments on a better way to do an exercise. He often catches flaws in a setup and can suggest a better way. He is a low-key person and has a good ability to deal with younger students having less self-assurance. He also he has a great grasp of physics and math principles, which make him an ideal mentor and tutor. He usually has two sessions per week in a given course in a semester's time. He exhibits a high quality of work - as if he were receiving benefits!"
  • "Last fall, the IT Group conducted a test on the network which affected students ability to participate in on-line gaming because of the ports those games use. This was a test that needed to continue for a specific period of time in order to gather comprehensive results. During this period, the HelpDesk received a large number of calls, e-mails, and walk-ins regarding this issue. He dealt with a great deal of these inquiries. Obviously, many of them were not pleasant in nature, yet he handled each one maintaining excellent professionalism; explaining the situation and the purpose without blame or fault. Given that he was dealing with his peers, it would have been quite easy to bash the department for running this test; fueling the dissatisfaction the user was already feeling."
  • "I have worked with students throughout my quarter century in higher education and have been blessed with many intelligent, efficient, hard-working, and personable student assistants; but no other can hold a candle to her. She is one of those people who comes into a place and changes lives and outlooks; calmly, quietly, kindly, but convincingly. And it always starts with a smile."


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