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Application Fees. Charged to all students who are seeking admission to the college and/or special programs offered on-campus, such as the Graduate Program or the Teacher Education Certification Program.

Enrollment Services Fee. A one-time fee charged to first-time, readmitted, graduate, and certificate students. This fee covers administrative and technical costs for new students. No student can be admitted until the fee is paid.

Residence Hall Charge. Charged to students living in on-campus housing only. Rates vary based on the type and location of the room.

Dining. Charged to students who participate in meal plans offered on campus. Currently KSC offers several plans, including 19, 12, and 5 meals per week. All students living in college housing (with the exception of Bushnell, Tisdale, and Pondside apartments) are required to participate in a meal plan. Rates vary based on plan selection.

Room Damage Deposit. Charged to all students living in on-campus housing to cover the cost of damage that may result. The unused portion of the deposit will be refunded only after the student moves out of the residence halls.

Late Payment Fee. Charged monthly to students whose payments are not received by the published due date.

Late Add/Withdrawal. Charged to students who do not complete the add/withdrawal process within the published timelines.

Applied Music Fee. Charged to students enrolled in specific classes that offer one-on-one instruction. This fee is in addition to any tuition paid for credit hours.

Parking Fees. Charged to students who register a car and receive a permit to park in an on-campus lot.

Returned Check Fee. Charged to all persons who issue a check that, for any reason, is returned from the bank unpaid.

Transcript Charge. Charged to students requesting copies of their official transcript.

Note: Each student is responsible for the timely payment of all outstanding charges on his or her account. Failure to remit payment in full by the stated due date may result in deregistration of courses. Payment of the bill is solely the responsibility of the student regardless of who remits the actual funds.

Common Miscellaneous Fee Charges


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