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The following grants and scholarships are supported by funds that the federal government allocates each year. Student Financial Services (SFS) administers these funds and makes awards according to federal regulations. It is likely that different amounts will be available each year.

Pell Grants. The Pell grant is designed to assist students in the continuation of their training and education after high school; they provide eligible students with a "foundation of financial aid to help defray the costs of college attendance." You may apply for the Pell grant by filing a FAFSA after January 1, for the following year. The amount of a Pell grant that you may receive to apply toward educational expenses at Keene State College will be viewed as a monetary resource by SFS. Further, the amount of a Pell grant is not sufficient to cover your billed costs at Keene State College.

Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG). The SEOG is available to undergraduates demonstrating exceptional financial need. Exceptional financial need is defined as those students with the lowest expected family contribution who will also receive a Pell Grant in that year. While priority for SEOG funds goes to Pell grant recipients, if adequate funds exist, SEOG funds may then be awarded to those eligible students with the lowest expected family contributions who will not receive Pell grants. These grants range from $100 to $4,000 per year. Eligibility is determined by SFS based upon information the student provides on the FAFSA.

For more information about federal grants, visit Student Aid on the Web.


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