Senate Leadership 16-17

KSC Senate Executive Committee (SEC)

Karen Stanish, Chair (

Sally Jean, Vice Chair (

Kim Schmidl-Gagne, Secretary (

Debra White-Stanley, Member-At-Large (

Lauren Graham, Student (

William Seigh, Provost (

The Executive Committee sets and publicizes the agenda for meetings, establishes membership of all Senate committees, recommends to the President the membership of Presidential committees and other College committees, considers proposals concerning academic freedom and responsibility, considers proposals which do not fall under the purview of other standing committees.

Academic Policy Committee (APC)
Larry McDonald, Chair (

The committee shall review issues and make proposals regarding academic policy. These matters shall include, but not be limited to policy regarding the academic calendar, academic freedom, academic honesty and special academic opportunities such as travel and building access.

Academic Standards Committee (ASC)
Brendan Denehy, Chair (

The ASC is responsible for matters concerning academic rigor, student orientation, or entry qualifications into the majors.

Senate Curriculum Committee (SCC)
Becky Dunn, Co-Chair ( and Rosemary Gianno (

The Curriculum Committee considers all proposals for curriculum addition and revision. The committee is empowered to develop procedures, forms, and timetables to insure clarity of operations and consistent treatment of all curriculum proposals