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If it's still good - don't throw it away. We'll give it to a good home. Last year roughly 50 tons of waste was generated during move out at Keene State College. Less than 5 tons was recycled. We can do better. Please help!

Boxes will be available beginning May 1st in all residence halls for the following:

  • Non-Perishable Food- donated to The Keene Community Kitchen
  • Clothing, paired shoes, bedding and linen - donated to the Salvation Army
  • Books and school supplies - donated to local and national charities
  • Personal care and toiletries, cleaning and other household supplies - donated to the Humane Society.
  • Household goods and appliances - donated to local charities
  • Computers, cell phones and other electronic equipment - refurbished and donated if possible. Or disposed of in an environmentally sound way. Computers have lead, cadmium, mercury, gold and other materials that need special disposal handling. Televisions and computer monitors have as much as 8 lbs. of lead in them.
  • Sporting goods - donated to local charities.

Look for small wire cages in the Lobbies of Randall, Monadnock and Carle, plus the laundry room of Bushnell/Tisdale for large items such as:

  • Furniture - donated to local charities
  • Rugs - donated to local charities
  • Refrigerators and other large, still good items.

Recycling Boxes Locations for Move Out Items

  • Randall Hall - front foyer
  • Monadnock Hall - front foyer/game room
  • Fiske Hall - main lobby
  • Huntress Hall - main lobby
  • Holloway, OBC, Pondside I and III- near elevators
  • Owl's Nest 1-9 - lounge/TV rooms
  • Carle Hall - A/B side and C/D side hallways off of the front lobby
  • 361 Main, 83-85 Madison and 27 Appleton - entry, porch or kitchen area.
  • Bushnell/Tisdale -- Bushnell laundry room. Also look for container near recycling shed
  • Pondside II - front lobby of each building

Please Note
Except for Computers, TV's, cell phones, fridges and other electronic equipment, throw it in the dumpster if it's junk. And if you have any questions, please call R.O.C.K.S. at 603-358-2567 or email the Recycling Office

Broken computers, TV's, cell phones, fridges and other electronic equipment should be labeled "broken" and left next to the inside donation sites. Thanks!


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