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Planning Council Charge

TTo enable Keene State College to fulfill its mission, values, strategic commitments, and priorities, the Keene State College Planning Council engages in a thoughtful, inclusive, and transparent process to develop and recommend a comprehensive strategic plan to the President. Additionally, the Planning Council establishes a process whereby this strategic plan is reviewed, assessed, and updated on an annual basis. The President charges the KSC Planning Council with the following:

  • To continuously review and update the strategic plan and, when requested by the President, to engage the community in a review of the College's mission, values, commitments and priorities;
  • To gather and synthesize relevant information in order to provide planning assumptions for use by the Keene State College community;
  • To recommend a set of metrics or indicators by which the success of the strategic plan will be measured;
  • To collaboratively engage Keene State College community members, including faculty, staff, students) in a process for proposal of strategies and tactics to make moveable, measurable, and meaningful progress on the strategic priorities;
  • To develop and use evaluative criteria for recommending strategic initiatives;
  • To evaluate the College's progress in implementing the strategic plan; and
  • To ensure College planning information is transparent and accessible to the college community and beyond.

The proposed plan, as well as a description of the process and the procedures for reviewing and updating the plan should be completed and forwarded to the President, for review by the Principal Administrators.


The Keene State College Planning Council will be co-chaired by Karen House, Interim Vice President for Finance and Planning, and Dr. Donna Smyth, a member of the faculty appointed by the Interim President, Dr. Jay Kahn.


  • Representatives of the KSCAA, KSCEA, the PAT and OS Councils, the College Senate, and Student Assembly (6)
  • Representatives of the following groups: CITC, Human Resources Master Plan Task Force, Enrollment Management Council (4)
  • Up to six appointments by the Keene State College President to insure representation of all divisions of the College (6)

Ex Officio Membership

  • The Special Assistant to the President/Legislative Liaison
  • The Director of Institutional Research


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