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What are some important dates to remember?

2014 Spring Semester

  • May 9: Residence halls close for all but graduating seniors at 6:00pm
  • May 11: Residence halls and apartments close for seniors at noon

2014 Summer Semester:

  • May 18: Residence Halls open at noon
  • July 26: Residence Halls close at noon

2014 Fall Semester:

  • August 20: Residence halls open for new students at 8:00 am
  • August 24: Residence halls and apartments open for returning students
  • November 26: Residence halls close at noon (Apartments excluded)
  • November 30: Residence halls re-open at noon
  • December 13: Residence halls close at noon
  • December 23: Residence apartments close at noon

Who lives on campus?

It is mandatory that all first year and second year students live on campus. The only exceptions are for students who live with their parent or legal guardian within a thirty mile radius of the school – this must be approved by the Director of Resident Life.

Beyond a student’s sophomore year at Keene State College, they have the option to live on campus going through the housing lottery process. The upper class students have the opportunity to live in on campus apartments, suites and traditional style resident halls.


What kinds of technology are made available in residence hall rooms?

All Keene State College residence halls are wireless. Additionally, every residence hall has a designated computer connection for each resident. Residents must connect to the Cisco Clean Access (CCA) agent software and the KSC version of McAfee anti-virus software. This is free to all students. Residents must arrange for their own phone service, such as using a cell phone.


What if roommates don’t get along?

Residential Life staff are very well trained in helping students to work out difficulties, or if all other options are exhausted, to change room assignments. The professional the staff working in Residential Life has been trained to both assist students and develop communities where safety respect for others and a positive living environment are top priorities.


Can students have overnight guests in their residence hall rooms?

All guests (day or overnight) must be registered by the host student at the front desk of their Residence Hall and obtain a guest pass. Guests must have photo ID in order to obtain a guest pass. A guest is defined as any person who cannot provide KSC ID including parents and siblings.

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