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What are some important dates to remember?


Who lives on campus?

It is mandatory that all first year and second year students live on campus. The only exceptions are for students who live with their parent or legal guardian within a thirty mile radius of the school – this must be approved by the Director of Residential Life.

Beyond a student’s sophomore year at Keene State College, they have the option to live on campus going through the housing lottery process. The upper class students have the opportunity to live in on campus apartments, suites and traditional style residence halls.


What kinds of technology are made available in residence hall rooms?

Wireless Network

The entire campus at KSC is wireless, including residence hall rooms. Students should connect to KSC Secure which is the network which provides the security to do your online banking and transmit other sensitive information (SSN, etc.).

To connect, students should log in with the following:

  • Student\yourNetID and your NetID password Or
  • yourNetID@student and your NetID password

Students connecting to the campus network with a PC are required to install a KSC allowed antivirus software. Please review this list to be sure your software is included.

NOTE: Personal wireless routers, access points or hubs are not allowed on campus. These devices create interference with the KSC wireless network reducing network performance and impacting surrounding students.

TV Cable

Student receive free TV cable in their room. To access all channels, student need to bring a coaxial cable and have a TV with a QAM Tuner. This information is available in the owner’s manual or a sale person can provide this information to you.
NOTE: Without a QAM Tuner, additional equipment will need to be purchased.


What if roommates don’t get along?

Residential Life staff are very well trained in helping students to work out difficulties, or if all other options are exhausted, to change room assignments. The professional the staff working in Residential Life has been trained to both assist students and develop communities where safety respect for others and a positive living environment are top priorities.


Can students have overnight guests in their residence hall rooms?

Guests: A resident is allowed no more than a total of one guest at any one time. Students with guests are expected to complete and submit the Student Guest Registration Form for all guests who will be in the building between 8pm and 8am the following day.

All guests are expected to show a form of ID that provides: full name, photo, and date of birth. If a student wishes to register a guest under the age of 18, the host resident should make arrangements with the area’s Residence Director prior to the guest’s arrival.

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