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How does my student learn what is going on campus? How are they reminded of deadlines, etc?

The primary mode of communication the College uses is myKSC.

MyKSC is a web portal, which serves as a primary means of communication between Keene State College and its students.

MyKSC provides access an indiviual’s grades, register for courses, view transcript and class schedule, as well as track your degree progress with Program Evaluation.

The portal also includes personal tools (e-mail, calendars, web pages and task lists), as well as community tools (KSC clubs, campus announcements and news items).

Keene State College will use MyKSC to inform students of important deadlines, dates and events, such as registration timelines, housing selection processes, financial aid deadlines, etc.


Does the college provide a space on the KSC network for students to save their work?

Yes, MyKSC provides students with 50MB of file storage space where documents can be stored safely. This allows them to access their documents from any computer that has access to the web.

Students should also consider additional file storage devices such as a flash drive, external hard drive or burning to a CD/DVD. Having a back-up of important documents will protect you if you ever experience computer issues and cannot retrieve your information.


Is there wireless on campus? What does my student need to do to access internet on campus?

All academic buildings and residence halls have wireless access on campus. The Mason Library, L.P. Young Student Center and parts of other campus are currently wireless.

To access internet on campus, students must download the KSC allowed antivirus software. There are different program for both P.C. computers and MAC computers. Here is a list of approved anti-virus software.


Is there somewhere they can call if they have difficulties with these systems?

Yes, the IT Group HelpDesk is available to assist students with their technology needs.

Students can call the HelpDesk at 358-2532, stop by their office on the 2nd floor of Elliot Hall, email or visit their website at which has many tutorials and added information.

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