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What does my student need to do to be seen by someone at the Center for Health and Wellness?

The Center for Health and Wellness is an acute care medical clinic located on the 3rd floor of Elliot Hall. The Center is open Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm. We are closed from 12:00 to 1:00 for lunch. Walk-in hours are from 8:30 – 10:30 every day Monday through Friday.

Walk-in appointments are appropriate for things like sore throat, UTI, rash, ear ache. As long as a student arrives by 10:30, they will be seen. If their reason for visit is complicated, they will be scheduled for an appointment later that day or the next day. Walk-in is a first come first serve operation and students may experience a wait.

The afternoon hours are scheduled appointments. Students should call 603-358-2450 and press 1 – they will be routed to a Registered Nurse who will assist them in scheduling an appointment. If there is an medical emergency, please call 911.


What type of services can I expect my student to receive from the Center for Health and Wellness?

Through our staff of nurse practitioners, registered nurses, health educators, and a part-time physician we provide acute medical care for all Keene State College students.

Services provided include: illness evaluation, first aid, laboratory services, birth control education and supplies, dietary/nutrition consultation, annual gynecological examinations, STD testing, mental health assessment and treatment, referral to on-campus resources (counseling, academic support, student activities), pregnancy testing, counseling, referrals to specialists in the community if necessary and health education coaching on all health-related topics.


What information does my student need to submit?

The Center for Health and Wellness requires all students to submit the following health forms: Immunization Records, Tuberculosis Screening, and a copy of their most recent physical form.

These forms are due on June 1st for fall admittance and January 15th for spring admittance.

Any student who fails to meet this requirement will not be allowed to move into their residence hall.


What does the care offered through the Center for Health and Wellness cost?

The cost of the student’s visit is covered by their Student Health Fee. However, in the event that their medical concern requires laboratory testing, on site prescriptions or an outside referral, those costs are the student’s responsibility.

The Center does not bill personal health insurance. These costs can be paid at the time of service through credit/debit cards or echeck. If the charges are not paid they will be placed on the student’s account in the Bursar’s Office.

Students always have the right to refuse treatment that would incur these costs. Although health insurance is not required, it is highly recommended so that the student will be covered for services beyond the scope of our department.


What if my student gets sick or injured on the weekend or at night?

There are two walk-in clinics in Keene as well as the Cheshire Medical Center Emergency Room. Details about these services can be found on the CHW website


Is my student’s health information kept confidential?

Complete confidentiality is maintained at the Center for Health and Wellness. We do not disclose any health-related information to anyone, including parents, without the student’s written permission. We encourage students to include parents in any referrals outside of our department, and we are available to discuss student’s care with parents however we must have the student written permission first.


How does my student access local medical services?

Students who need non-emergency services from the local walk-in clinics or hospital can get there using the City Express (free to KSC students) or by taxi.

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