Title: Who Dropped What into the Melting Pot?319

Key Words: migration, human systems, physical systems

Standard: National Geography Standard 9, NH Standard 13.10.3, Movement

Teaching Level: H

Purposes/Objectives: Students will:
Use maps to show the movement of people to the United States.
Analyze the impact of migration on the food industry in America.
Identify the geographic cultural roots of food.

Materials: paper, reference resources, maps.
List of Countries: Europe, Central America, South America, North Africa, Southwest Asia, Southeast Asia, China, North America


Pass out the assignment sheet. Ask each student to bring a food from one of the following regions of the world. The food must follow the assignment plan.

On a large world map have students plot the location where their food originated. Read aloud the summary of the food. Look for similarities and speculate where the basic ingredients may have originated. Draw conclusions about the staples of the human diet.

Research in class where is a concentration of people in America from the same region as the food. Draw lines from the native land to the concentration of immigrants in America.

Make a list of all the foods the students made on the board. Ask students to go to the grocery store to see if they can find any influence that these foods have had on the American food industry.

List the American foods on the board.

Ask students to respond to the following statement. They must support their answers with the copies of the recipe, the summaries, the chart from the grocery store, and the map.

The American diet and the food industry have benefited
from the migration of people from their native regions to
our country

Evaluation/Assessment: There are multiple assessments in this assignment. There is the preparation of the food dish, the recipe, the summary, the presentation of the summary, the map, the shopping list, the discussions, and finally the response to the statement.

Extension/Enrichment: You might create a cookbook using the recipes and summaries. You might extend this lesson by examining hunger in different regions to determine why some regions experience hunger more than others.
Reflection: How successful was this lesson? Did all students benefit/ Were there any surprises? What might you do differently another time? Please note any changes that will make this lesson more effective and useful in the future and pass them along to the NHGA. We appreciate your comments.

Thank You
The authors.

Who Dropped What into the Melting Pot
Assignment Sheet

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to identify the geographic, cultural roots of American food .


Each one of you has been assigned a region of the world. Research this region and find a food staple that includes one of the ingredients from at least two of the columns below. Then create that dish and bring it in for our Melting Pot Feast. Your dish may have other ingredients, but it must have at least two of the ingredients listed. Remember this food must be a staple in some part of the region.
Along with the native dish, you must include a map showing the area from which the food comes. You must also write a brief summary explaining the history and importance of this dish in the region.
Also include a copy of the recipe.

GrainsLegumes LeaveningOilsSpices

barleypotatoes yeast sesamecurry

sesamebeanssour dough starterolivemustard


wheatanimal fatcumin

field peaspeanuttamarind



red pepper

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