Title of Lesson: Playground Perceptions#159

National Standard: 6 How culture and experience influence people's perceptions of places and regions

State Standard: 11

Teaching Level: E

create individual student's awareness of their own perceptions and how to use them to identify a need and possibly create a change

Materials: writing paper


Phase I. a. create a class web of what each student likes best about the playground. They could share "why" verbally.
b. create a class web of what each student doesn't like about the playground. They could share "why" verbally.
c. discuss the dislikes and create a list of possible changes that could be made. Ideas might be appropriate to pass on to the recess people, school administration, etc.

Phase II. a. on story starter paper have each student copy "I like the playground because.. and have them finish the sentence. Writing some key words on the easel for them will help them write more accurately.
b. Also have the students complete the sentence "I don't like the playground because.."
c. come back together and make a list of the things they like.
d. make a list of things they don't like
e. discuss the don't like list and create a list of their suggestions for changes.

Phase III a. have the students write their ideas for change in proper letter format and send them to the appropriate person.
b. encourage the students to follow up with the person and discuss their ideas and a possible next step

Evaluation/Assessment: Did each student feel valued? Did they understand how their ideas could affect change?

Reflection: How successful was this lesson? Did all students benefit? Were there any surprises? What might you do differently another time? Please note any changes that will make this lesson more effective and useful in the future and pass them along to the NHGA. We appreciate your comments.Thank you. The authors.

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