Title: Jack-I mean Cosmo-in-the-Box#143

National Standard: 13 How the forces of cooperation and conflict among people influence the division and control of Earth's surface.

State Standard: 13

Teaching Level: E

Lesson Introduction: This lesson is intended to introduce students to political units. Political units are regions designated by humans (e.g., precinct, township, metropolitan area, county, state, and nation).

Objectives/Purpose: Students will identify political units at different scales.

Materials: a stuffed animal, five cardboard boxes that can be fit into each other, the smallest being large enough to hold the stuffed animal, a marker

1)Tell students that they will help identify the places in which a stuffed animal lives. For the purpose of this lesson plan, the name Cosmo will be used for the stuffed animal.
2)Ask a student or students to line the boxes up in order from smallest to largest.
3)Place Cosmo in the smallest box. Ask the students to identify the name of the town in which they live. Write the name of the town on the box.
4)Place the small box in the next size box. Ask the students to name the county in which they live. Write the name of the county on the box.
5)Continue placing Cosmo and the boxes into the next larger boxes, like nesting dolls. Label the subsequent boxes with New Hampshire, New England or Northeast, U.S.A.
6)Conclude the activity by asking the students to identify/review the town, county, state, region, and country in which they live.

Evaluation/Assessment: Student participation and teacher observation.

Enrichment/Extension: Have the students discuss what they would label two smaller boxes that Cosmo could be placed in. Have students discuss possible labels for two larger boxes.

Reflection: How successful was this lesson? Did all students benefit? Were there any surprises? What might you do differently another time? Please note any changes that will make this lesson more effective and useful in the future and pass them along to the NHGA. We appreciate your comments.
Thank you.
The authors.

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