Title of Lesson: Local Area - Ecosystems#133

Key Words for Cross Reference:ecosystem

National Standards: 8
The characteristics and spatial distributions of ecosystems on Earth's surface.

State Standards: 12

Teaching Level: E

to understand an ecosystem
- to find ecosystems within the Connecticut River Valley
- consider the change in the ecosystems over time (past and future)

pictures showing multiple uses of the region

Define ecosystem as how a community interacts with the three components of the physical environment: atmosphere (air), hydrosphere (water), lithosphere (land).
2. Return to the pictures on display to discover what things make up ecosystems within the community.
3. Draw and/or write picture webs of the ecosystems the students discover.

Are the components of each ecosystem complete or relative to each other?

Reflection: How successful was this lesson? Did all students benefit? Were there any surprises? What might you do differently another time? Please note any changes that will make this lesson more effective and useful in the future and pass them along to the NHGA. We appreciate your comments.
Thank you.
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