Title of Lesson: Local Area - What Is a Region?#105

Key Words for Cross Reference:region physical characteristics

National Standard: 5
The people create regions to interpret Earth's complexity.

State Standards: 11

Teaching Level: E

Lesson Introduction:
The Connecticut River Valley is New Hampshire's most extensive river region. Throughout history the river has influenced people's lives and altered the development of the New England States. The basis of the lesson is readily adaptable to any river system - large or small, as the same aspects apply to all.

-to describe physical characteristics of the Connecticut River Valley
- to identify the criteria by which the valley can be considered a region

maps, pictures, slides etc. of Connecticut Valley region
blue crayons outline map of NH/VT

1. Have students view maps, pictures, and/or slides of the Connecticut River Valley. Identify some common physical characteristics.
2. Discuss definition of a region as defined by natural physical features.
3. Brainstorm what characteristics could be used to define the Connecticut River Valley as a region.
4. Have students locate the Connecticut Valley Region on the map.
5. Give the students an outline map of New Hampshire and Vermont. Have them color in the Connecticut River.

Maps should show the Connecticut River drawn in blue at the appropriate location.

Reflection: How successful was this lesson? Did all students benefit? Were there any surprises? What might you do differently another time? Please note any changes that will make this lesson more effective and useful in the future and pass them along to the NHGA. We appreciate your comments.
Thank you.
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