Learn more about the AP Human Geography Grant
National Geographic Society Teacher Grants

NHGA Annual Teacher Grants

Grant Value: Up to $500

Grant Guidelines: Applications can be submitted by a single teacher, or in the case of a group project, by the team leader. Please include the following:

    1. Completed application. (Download application here)
    2. Letter of support from the applicant's principal or coordinator.
    3. One-or two-page proposal describing the project and budget. Specifics to be add ressed are listed below.

Please respond to the following in your proposal and budget:

    1. Describe the GEOGRAPHY project that you plan to do.
    2. List the project's objectives (no more than three).
    3. Identify the National Geography Standards addressed (Standards List)
    4. Identify the number of students and/or teachers who will benefit from the project.
    5. List the activities that are planned. Include a timeline.
    6. Identify expected outcomes and indicators of the project's success.
    7. Describe the qualifications of the person leading the project.
    8. Include a budget that will show how the grant money will be spent.

Additional Comments:

    1. Each item above must be addressed to be eligible for funding

    2. All grant proposals are being accepted for the 2004-2005 school year or the summer of 2005.

    3. Grant money can be used to purchase materials for a special geography project, a moderate stipend for teachers, for conducting a Family Geography Night, for a Geography Club for students, or for other hands-on activities. Other uses will be considered. No funds can be used to purchase computer equipment, digital cameras, etc. Software is acceptable.

    4. You will be asked to submit a financial accounting, such as receipts and a short final report. Travel funds cannot be used outside the U.S. Only one grant per person per year.

    5. Applicants will be notified of the status of the application within a month of the receipt of the application.

    6. Send all applications to Ray Jobin, Keene State College, 229 Main St., Keene, NH 03435-2611

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