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Office of Sponsored Projects & Research

Putnam Science Center

Indirect Cost Reinvestment Grants

In May, 2009 the Cabinet approved a revised indirect cost distribution policy which allows a percentage of the indirect costs earned by the College from external grants to be placed in a fund to be used to advance the research and creative culture on campus and to expose more students to the research and creative process. By reinvesting a portion of the indirect costs recovered from external grants back into the scholarly life of our campus, the College hopes to increase the overall impact of external grants at KSC by extending the benefits of their presence more broadly.

  1. Eligibility
  2. Key Evaluation Criteria
  3. Limitations
  4. Application Process


Eligible Applicants: Members of the full time tenure-track faculty are eligible to apply.

Eligible Activities: The following list of eligible activities is not exhaustive, but is meant to provide examples of ways in which faculty might utilize the funds to advance their scholarly and artistic endeavors.

  • Attendance at professional workshops designed to enhance the faculty member’s research or creative skill set (e.g., specialized workshopson statistical techniques needed to remain current in the field).
  • Purchase of miscellaneous research and creative materials
  • Expenses related to archival research or fees required to accessresearch resources and materials.
  • Expenses resulting from engaging students directly in research or creative endeavors.
  • Expenses resulting from exposing students to research or creative endeavors (e.g. visiting laboratories, archives, museums) that might have a lasting impact.
  • OSPR recognizes that travel costs related to conference attendance are a common faculty need, and that such expenses often outstrip the allotment provided to faculty under their annual Professional Enhancement Funds. However, the Indirect Cost Reimbursement Grant fund, given its limited size, will not be able to adequately address this overall need of the campus community, and applicants should plan on identifying other supplementary sources for such activities.

Please note that all requests must be made in advance. Requests to fund activities that have already taken place will not be considered.


Key Evaluation Criteria

The Director of OSPR will evaluate and respond to requests, taking into consideration available resources and keeping the following key criteria in mind:

Will the proposed request advance the research and creative culture of Keene State College, making it more likely that…?

  • Our faculty will enjoy a professional environment that values and vigorously pursues original scholarship and creative processes, and supports the teacher-scholar model?
  • Our students are educated in an environment that allows them to observe and engage in the process of innovation, discovery, and creativity alongside their faculty mentors?



Please note that this fund is limited and thus OSPR may not be able to pay all expenses related to the need or request. For this reason, applicants should provide information in their request detailing other funds (e.g., faculty professional enhancement funds, department funds, school funds) that are or might be available to co-fund the activity. Although there is no specific “cap” on individual requests, large requests (over $1,000) should be discussed with the Director of OSPR in advance of submission to ensure availability of funds.


Application Process

Because this fund is designed intentionally to be flexible, there is no set application format or deadline. Individuals wishing to apply should send a formal written letter of application to the Director of OSPR (MS 3510) containing the details of their request. The content of the letter will necessarily vary by circumstance, but the following content suggestions may help you make the strongest request possible. Applicants are not expected to address all of the below in their formal letter of application—these are elements that may or may not apply in your specific situation.

  • What is the activity?
  • When (in the future) do you propose to undertake it?
  • How will the activity advance the research or creative culture of our campus?
  • How will the activity enhance your ability to succeed as a Teacher-Scholar?
  • How will the activity impact your own scholarly development?
  • How will the activity impact your ability to be competitive for external grants in the future? What plans do you have for pursuing external funding? Have you discussed those plans with OSPR?
  • How will the activity impact the ability of your students to observe or engage in the process of original scholarship or the creative process?
  • What will it cost? Please be precise in your breakdown of anticipated expenses.
  • What other sources of funds are currently available or are you pursuing? Please be specific, as OSPR will follow-up with other campus units to facilitate co-funding where possible to maximize the impact of everyone’s resources. However, please be advised that a commitment to co-fund from another unit on campus does not obligate OSPR to fund your request via this or any other grant program.


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