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Office of Sponsored Projects & Research

Putnam Science Center


Penny Miceli

Penny J. Miceli, PhD, CRA
Director, OSPR
603-358-2427 (phone)
603-358-2939 (fax)

Certified by the Research Administrators Certification Council since 2006, Penny is experienced in administering sponsored projects from “cradle to grave.” She is a member of the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) and the Society of Research Administrators International (SRA). Penny leads the long-range strategic planning efforts around sponsored projects and research, strategic partnerships at the national, regional and state level in support of those efforts, capacity building, and institutional research compliance.

Contact Penny for questions relating to:

  • Institutional strategic planning and capacity building around sponsored projects and research
  • National, Regional, and State-wide partnerships to advance sponsored projects and research
  • Translating federal compliance requirements into institutional policy and procedures
  • Award review, negotiation, and recommendation for acceptance
  • Intellectual Asset Management (intellectual property issues, technology transfer and commercialization)
  • Coordination with the Business Office to ensure appropriate institutional operations and infrastructure are in place to support award lifecycle management
  • Coordination of OSPR efforts with those of the Division of Advancement where appropriate
  • Oversight of OSPR training and outreach

Janet Albarado

Janet Albarado, CRA
Associate Director, OSPR
603-358-2780 (phone)
603-358-2939 (fax)

Janet is a Certified Research Administrator specializing in proposal and budget development for federal, state, and private sponsors. A member of the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA), she adopts a lifecycle approach to pre-award management to ensure compliance with sponsor and institutional guidelines. Janet supports faculty with all aspects of the pre-award process, providing editorial as well as technical guidance.

Contact Janet for questions relating to:

  • Strategic planning of short and long term funding goals to advance your scholarly work or project
  • Management of proposal planning and budget development for external sponsors
  • Preparation of external grant proposals, including applications to federal, state, and private sponsors
  • Interpretation of KSC and sponsor grant policies and procedures
  • Adherence to federal regulations pertaining to grants
  • Review of initial award and facilitation of award negotiation by OSPR Director

Audrey Arsenault

Audrey Arsenault, CRA
Lifecycle Grant Manager & Research Integrity Specialist, OSPR
603-358-2046 (phone)
603-358-2939 (fax)

Audrey is a Certified Research Administrator and a member of the National Council of Research Administrators (NCURA). Adopting a lifecycle approach to research administration, she specializes in the non-financial post-award management and compliance of awards from federal, state and private sponsors. Working collaboratively with the Associate Director to support the pre-award process, she facilitates a smooth transition for successful applicants into the post-award phase of their project. Audrey provides technical guidance and assistance throughout the life of the award to help faculty and staff confidently manage sponsor and institutional non-financial post award requirements.

Contact Audrey for questions relating to:

  • Identification of funding opportunities
  • Internal grant programs
  • Interpreting and complying with award terms and conditions
  • Prior approval for line-item budget revisions, changes in scope, or no-cost extensions
  • Assistance with expense initiations (HR appointment forms, Independent Contractor Agreements, Purchase Orders)
  • Coordination with the Business Office to ensure proper award lifecycle management
  • Compliance with sponsor non-financial reporting obligations
  • Research Integrity/Compliance issues (including IRB, IACUC, CITI training, and Financial Conflict of Interest in Research procedures)

Other Campus Partners

Financial Post Award Issues:
Claire Boire
Sponsored Programs Accounting Specialist
Business Office, Fiske Annex, Mailstop 1603

Human Subjects IRB Chair:
Dr. Stephen Clark
Rhodes Hall 232, Mailstop 3400

Animal Welfare IACUC Chair:
Dr. Scott Strong
Science Center 328, Mailstop 2001

Chemical/Biological and Laboratory Safety Contact:
Ralph Stuart
Chemical Hygiene Officer
Physical Plant, Elliot Center, Mailstop 2502

Research Misconduct and Whistleblower Protection:
Individuals with concerns about possible research misconduct may contact the Director of Sponsored Projects & Research, who serves as KSC’s Research Integrity Officer. Additionally, the USNH Board of Trustees’ Administrative Policy on Fraud establishes a high standard of ethical and professional conduct, encourages everyone to report instances of fraud, and strictly prohibits retaliation against anyone doing so. USNH will not discharge, demote, or otherwise discriminate against an employee who, in good faith, reports suspected legal or regulatory violations, adhering to the State of New Hampshire’s Whistleblowers’ Protection Act (NH RSA 275-E) and the Federal Pilot Program for Enhancement of Contractor Employee Whistleblower Protection.USNH maintains an anonymous hotline for individuals wishing to report concerns.

Contact the Office of Sponsored Projects and Research

Please visit our staff page for a directory of contacts for various sponsored projects and research functions.

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