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Request to Conduct an Electronic Survey of Keene State College Students

Researchers Who Survey Keene State Students Are Expected To:

  • Seek and receive IRB approval, as appropriate;
  • Ensure that surveys are accessible to students with disabilities;
  • Use samples rather than surveying the entire student population whenever possible;
  • Avoid repeating surveys annually;
  • Follow the basic principles of informed consent; and
  • Otherwise use best practices in survey construction, administration, and reporting

© Association for Institutional Research
© Association for Institutional Research

Contact Institutional Research

Most institutional research data is available through our publications and reports. If you need other information that is not available there, please contact Institutional Research staff.

Contact the Institutional Research Staff

Cathryn Turrentine - Director, 603-358-2117
Vicki Warzecha - Associate Director, 603-358-2125
Colleen Pascu - Institutional Research Analyst, 603-358-2129

Did you know?

KSC’s four-year graduation rate is 54%, compared to the national average of 25% for public four-year institutions

KSC students have significantly more interaction with faculty than students at other similar colleges

44% of KSC students work with faculty members on a research project, compared to only 32% at other public liberal arts colleges