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Integrative Studies Program (ISP) Assessment


The Integrative Studies Program (ISP) is designed to provide students with a unified, broad-based intellectual experience during their years at Keene State College. Rather than studying in the isolated realms of their individual college courses, students in the ISP program will be encouraged to draw connections across disciplinary divisions and between their lower- and upper-level courses.

ISP Assessment Cycle

The ISP assessment cycle starts with a survey of ISP learning outcomes one week before each semester. ISP faculty indicate on the survey what ISP program outcomes and student learning outcomes that have been adopted as their course outcomes. The ISP Assessment Coordinator compiles the survey information and creates the ISP assessment map, which is used for setting up the artifact collection system (currently Blackboard). After mid-term, an ISP artifact submission practice site is available for faculty to show students detailed information about artifact preparation and submission. Artifact submission sites are available for students to submit their artifacts two weeks before the final week of each semester.

Students’ artifacts are submitted and collected every semester. However, sampling and reviewing of the artifacts is done every academic year. Students’ artifacts are randomly sampled by the ISP Assessment Coordinator within one week after the final day of spring semester. Norming sessions are then organized by the ISP Assessment Coordinator and attended by the ISP artifact reviewers. Reviewing of sampled artifacts is done by the end of the third week after spring semester. The ISP Assessment Coordinator collects scores from individual artifact reviewers and then sends them to the assessment report writers.

The ISP assessment reports are completed by the end of the fifth week after spring semester, and then disseminated through appropriate channels to ISP faculty and the general public.

After every two cycles of assessment of a specific ISP program outcome, based on the information from assessment reports, the ISP program outcome and the rubrics used for assessing it are reviewed and revised. Updated ISP outcomes and rubrics are communicated with ISP faculty at the end of spring semester, so they can be adopted in syllabi for the upcoming semesters.

For detailed information, see ISP Assessment Process and Cycle.

Executive Summary of ISP Assessment Findings: Fall 2009–Spring 2010

ISP Outcomes

ISP Grading Rubrics