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Program Assessment

Assessment circle
Program assessment is a continuous cycle to collect assessment data on identified student learning outcomes in academic programs and make informed decisions on curriculum and instruction. Different from classroom assessment, program assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of the effectiveness of an academic program based on the evidence of how students accomplish the identified learning outcomes.

ISP Assessment

ISP Assessment serves the assessment need of the Integrative Studies Program (ISP), which is designed to provide students with a unified, broad-based intellectual experience during their years at Keene State College. Rather than studying in the isolated realms of their individual college courses, students in the ISP program will be encouraged to draw connections across disciplinary divisions and between their lower- and upper-level courses.

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Academic Program Assessment

Program Assessment is a collective assessment effort within individual program. Department chairs, program coordinators, or their designated faculty serves leadership role to identify learning outcomes, collect assessment data, analyze/disseminate assessment results, and develop improvement plan.

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