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Assessment Management System

Science Center


Keene State College adopted TK20 for its accredited programs to manage assessment data. Click TK20 to access TK20.

On-line Course Evaluation System

Keene State College adopted EvaluationKIT to administer student course evaluation. EvaluationKIT is integrated with our current learning management systems, such as Blackboard and Canvas.


Electronic portfolio is a digital platform for students to demonstrate their accomplishments in various fields of their studies. There are two different types of e-portfolio.

Showcase e-portfolio: This type of e-portfolio is a collection of students' best pieces of artifacts that demonstrated their accomplishments in terms of their academic learning, professional skill development and intellectual competences.

Assessment e-portfolio: This type of e-portfolio is a collection of students' pieces of artifacts along their growth path in terms of the development of their content knowledge, professional skills and intellectual competences. Self-reflection or guided reflection, instructors' formative or summative assessment notes, and artifacts of students' performance at different developmental levels for certain learning outcomes characterize this type of e-portfolio.

Below are the links to Keene State College e-portfolio templates.

KSC Competence-based e-portfolio

KSC Program-based e-portfolio

A few sample e-portfolios are listed below for reference.

Sample e-portfolio 1

Sample e-portfolio 2

Sample e-portfolio 3

Sample e-portfolio 4

Sample e-portfolio 5

Sample e-portfolio 6

Sample e-portfolio 7

Sample e-portfolio 8