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spacer spacer Adolfo Ramirez and Christopher Santiago

"Before coming to Keene State College, I never thought about having an assigned mentor/advisor in a school program. I began participating in the mentoring program at the beginning of the school year and I was able to meet with Chris Santiago, who was my assigned mentor. We often talk about my classes and school in general. It is a great advantage having a mentor that can guide you in college. Participation in this program has helped me focus on my academic goals, and also helped me become more familiar with college life here at Keene State College."
- Adolfo Ramirez, Class of 2007

"During the summer of 2005, I accepted an offer from Monica Monyo-Tetteh to be involved in a mentoring program with the students from the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs. I did so not knowing what to expect, but was looking forward to developing a bond(s) with students who were going to be out of their element and share with them both my experience and opinions of not only Keene State College, but the City of Keene and the surrounding Monadnock Region.

As the school year began, I received the names of four students whom I contacted to introduce myself and set-up a meeting. One student of mine, Adolfo Ramirez, anxiously returned my contact and set-up an introductory meeting. I didn't know what to expect or what would be expected of me. When Adolfo arrived he had a smile that brightens a room and his excitement put me at ease. I knew that my role would be to advise him about being in college and help him learn about the resources available on-campus, but I didn't know what to really say.

I must admit that Adolfo's attitude about this opportunity really helped get things going. Adolfo shared with me about his life and coming to not only the United States but to New Hampshire as well. I was able to relate to him and that made us both comfortable. He shared his experience as the Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year Award Winner in 2003 for the City of Nashua and the State of New Hampshire, and we continually speak about his academic goals and his current classes.

Since that initial meeting we have met to view a home made of video of his hike of Mt. Monadnock, he has attended an educational program I did in his residence area on Dating Safety, he has applied for and retained a position within the Department of Campus Safety as a Student Shuttle Driver, and we have both gained perspective on our cultural experiences. Adolfo has assimilated well and I am proud to be his mentor."
- Christopher Santiago, Assistant director of Campus Safety


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