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All packages must be securely wrapped and addressed clearly. Apply address labels securely on all sides and across the top of the label to prevent accidental damage during shipping. Do not send alcoholic beverages or hazardous materials. All liquids must be securely closed and wrapped in plastic. Mailer must comply with each carrier's regulations. Mail Carrier Pick-up times

Airborne Express - We do not use Airborne Express as a shipping company but we will be glad to send out any prepaid package for you.

Airmail (USPS) can be used to send both letter-post items and parcel post packages to most foreign countries through the Postal Services. Letter-post items and parcel post packages to most foreign countries. Letter-post is a generic term for mail pieces of differing shapes, sizes and contents, which weigh four pounds or less, that are subject to the provisions of the Universal Postal Union Convention. Letter-post items may contain any mailable matter that is not prohibited by the destination country. Cost of an Airmail letter starts at 60 cents.

Bound Printed Matter (USPS) - The maximum weight for Bound Printed Matter is 15 pounds. Rates are based on the weight of the piece and the distance from origin to destination Zip Code. Packages must measure 108 inches or less in combined length and girth. Other conditions include:

  1. Consist of advertising, promotional, directory, or editorial material (or any combination of such material).
  2. Be securely bound by permanent fastenings such as staples, spiral binding, glue, or stitching. Loose-leaf binders and similar fastenings are not considered permanent.
  3. Consist of sheets of which at least 90% are imprinted by any process other than handwriting or typewriting with words, letters, characters, figures, or images (or any combination of them).
  4. Not have the nature of personal correspondence.
  5. Not be stationery, such as pads of blank printed forms.

Certified Mail (USPS) provides proof of mailing and delivery of mail through the USPS. The sender receives a mailing receipt at the time of mailing, and a record of delivery is maintained by the Postal Service. A return receipt to provide the sender with proof of delivery can also be purchased for an additional fee. Certified mail service is available only for First-Class Mail or Priority Mail. Certified mail is not available for international mail, nor does it offer insurance protection. For valuables and irreplaceable items, use Express mail or insured or registered Mail. Cost for the Certified Mail form is $2.40 plus the postage cost of your item.

Collect On Delivery (C.O.D.) (USPS) - C.O.D. service is used when the mailer wants to collect for merchandise and/or postage when it is delivered, C.O.D. service can be used for merchandise sent by First-Class Mail, Registered mail, Express Mail, Priority Mail, or Standard Mail. The addressee has the choice of paying for the C.O.D. at the time of delivery either by cash or personal check, and the addressee must have ordered the merchandise. We do not except C.O.D. items at KSC unless prior arrangements have been made. See your local Post Office for Mailing C.O.D. items.

We don't process DHL at Keene State College but we are glad to send out your prepared package.

Economy Mail (USPS) - Mail pieces that are classified as letter-post or parcel post can also be sent as economy mail to most foreign countries transported by surface. Under that classification, they are subject to the same regulatory requirements and conditions of mailing as the airmail items. The substantive differences between the two levels of service primarily relate to mode of transportation (air or surface), speed of services, and price. Cost of Economy mail depends on weight and destination.

Express Mail (USPS) offers insurance, overnight, and 2-day delivery by 12 noon to most US destinations. Express Mail is delivered 365 days a year with no extra charge for Saturday, Sunday, or holiday delivery. All packages must use an Express Mail label. Items must weigh 70 pounds or less and measure 108 inches or less in combined length and girth. Insurance is provided at no additional cost up to $100. Additional insurance is available up to $5,000. Cost of Express Mail starts at $14.40.

First-Class Mail (USPS) includes all personal correspondence, all bills and statements of account, all matter sealed or otherwise closed against inspection, and matter wholly, and partly in writing or typewriting. Each piece must weigh 13 ounces or less. Pieces over 13 ounces can be sent as Priority Mail. The minimum size for First-Class Mail is 5 inches long, 3 1/2 inches high, and .007 inch thick. Pieces weighing 1 ounce or less may be subject to an additional .13 cents surcharge.

Federal Express is a private carrier which offers insurance, same day, first-class overnight (8 a.m.), priority overnight (10:30 a.m.), standard overnight (afternoon delivery), 2-day and express saver (3-day), Saturday delivery, and International services. There are limitations for some services in rural areas. Insurance is provided at no additional cost up to $100. Insurance cost for $100.01 - $500 is a $2.50 minimum. Insurance cost for $500.01 - $500,000 is .50 cents per $100 of value. Cost for Federal Express Priority overnight starts at $15.75.

Global Express Mail (USPS) is an expedited mail service, through the USPS, that can be used to send documents and merchandise to most international locations. Shipments are supposed to receive the most expeditious handling available in the destination country, they are not subject to a postage refund guarantee if a delivery delay occurs. Cost of Global Express starts at $15.50.

Global Priority (USPS) is an accelerated airmail service, through the USPS, that provides customers with a reliable and economical means of sending correspondence, documents, printed matter, and lightweight merchandise items to foreign destinations. Items receive priority handling within the U.S. and in the postal administration of the country of destination. Cost of Global Priority starts at $4.00

Insured Delivery - United Parcel Services, Federal Express, DHL and Express Mail will insure your packages for an additional charge.

Media Mail (Book Rate) (USPS) - Generally used for books (at least 8 pages), film (16 mm or narrower), printed music, printed test materials, sound recordings, play scripts, printed educational charts, loose-leaf pages and binders consisting of medical information, and computer-readable media. Advertising restrictions apply. Packages must measure 108 inches or less in combined length and girth.

Parcel Post (USPS) is used for mailing certain items like books, circulars, catalogs, other printed matter, and merchandise weighing not more than 70 pounds. Parcel Post must measure 130 inches or less in combined length and girth. Pieces exceeding 108 inches but not more than 130 inches in combined length and girth are mailable at Parcel Post oversized rates.

Priority Mail (USPS) is defined as First-Class Mail weighing more than 13 ounces and at the mailer's option, any other matter (including regular First-Class Mail) weighing 13 ounces or less. Priority Mail goes to every address and P.O. Box in the country with no residential surcharges or charges for Saturday delivery. Priority Mail delivers in 2-3 days. Cost of Priority Mail starts at $4.05.

Registered Mail (USPS) is the most secure service option offered by the USPS. It provides added protection for valuable and important mail. Registered articles are placed under tight security from the point of mailing to the point of delivery. First-Class Mail or Priority Mail postage is required on domestic registered mail. Return receipt and restricted delivery services are available for additional fees, and insurance up to $25,000 can be purchased on domestic registered mail at the mailer's option. Registered mail to Canada is subject to a $1,000 indemnity limit. For all other foreign countries, the indemnity limit is currently $42.30. Cost for Registered Mail service is $7.90 plus the postage cost on your item. See your local Post Office for mailing Registered Mail.

Return Receipt (USPS) is the sender's proof of delivery. A return receipt can be purchased for mail sent Express Mail or certified through the USPS. The return receipt shows who signed for the item and the date that it was delivered. Unless prohibited by law, the return receipt also provides the delivery address if the address on the mail piece is no longer correct. Return receipt service can be purchased in conjunction with restricted delivery service. It can also be requested before or after mailing, except for return receipt for merchandise service. Cost for the Return Receipt form is $1.85

United Parcel Services (UPS) is a private carrier which offers insurance, overnight, 2-day, 3-day, ground delivery, and international deliveries. UPS is delivered Monday through Friday and on Saturday for an additional charge. Cost for UPS depends on weight and destination. Insurance is provided at no additional cost up to $100. Additional insurance coverage up to $50,000 per package is available upon request. The charge for each additional $100 insured value or fraction thereof is $1.50.

United Parcel Services International Worldwide Express is for urgent shipments to be delivered the second business day to major business centers. Overnight delivery of letters and documents is guaranteed from major Metropolitan areas to the world's most important business centers. Worldwide Expedited is for shipments that do not require overnight or express services that are faster than traditional airfreight.

Tracking Mail & Packages
When sending mail/packages, please remember to write down the carrier, date shipped, and the tracking number from the item so that you can track it in the future. Track your package through the following carriers:

Airborne Express
Federal Express
Global Express
Postal Express
United Parcel Service


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