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IN MEMORIAM: John W. Geary '71 of Charlestown, N.H., died Jan. 14, 2005. He taught social studies for 30 years at Bellows Falls Middle School and coached soccer and track. He was voted Outstanding Teacher in Vermont in 1982.


David Westover of Walpole, N.H., writes: At age 54, I qualified to represent New Hampshire in the National Senior Track and Field Championships to be held in Pittsburgh in May. I will compete in the 100M and 200M dash.

IN MEMORIAM: Douglas A. Sauer '72 died Oct. 29, 2004, in Sarasota, Fla. He served in the U.S. Marines in Vietnam and owned his own business as a financial planner.


Clara Giovannangeli received a letter from Andy Corrigan '88 with the following news: "We were thinking of you when we named our daughter Clara-Li Corrigan. We adopted her in Changsha, Hunan Province, China, on Aug. 10. Li was the name given by her orphanage and means beautiful. Our first daughter, Dorothy-Rui, just turned three on Sept. 23. Dorothy is from nearby Jiangxi Province, where we adopted her in November 2002. They're happy as sisters and quite a pair." Dorothy is named for Andy's aunt and Clara's good friend, Dorothy Kingsbury '30.


IN MEMORIAM: Robert C. Schoefman '74 died Dec. 28, 2004 in Keene. He had worked at Vermont Medical, Timken Super Precision, and Monadnock Lifetime Products. He was a hockey coach, scout leader, and historical re-enactor at Fort No. 4 in Charlestown, N.H.

IN MEMORIAM: Sister Lorraine Trombley M'74 passed away Oct. 16, 2004. Formerly known as Sister Mary Simeon, she was a teacher and administrator in Catholic schools in New Hampshire and in Massachusetts.


From Phil: Just checking in with all of the '76ers out there. How are you all doing? Are you having fun yet?

Enjoying the summer here in Connecticut. Lots of good times along the shoreline, especially in Old Saybrook, Westbrook, and New London area. As far as island hopping goes, I've been to Block Island, Fisher's Island, and Orient Point, Long Island. Getting out on the waters of Long Island Sound is still a lot of fun. Once in a while we even get a little "rock and roll" going with the winds and waves, but that is okay, too.

I'm looking for someone else to write the class notes for a change. So if you want to polish up your literary skills, let Alumni Director Mike Maher '72 know or send an e-mail to

Thought I'd write this note so our section would have a little news from time to time. Keep smiling!


Michael C. Gale is chief financial officer at Bournewood Health Systems in Brookline, Mass. He writes: "I live in Newburyport, Mass., and have been married to Laura for 20 years in August. Daughter Katie is a senior at Bishop Fenwick High School in Peabody, and son Dan is a sophomore at Pingree School in South Hamilton."

Roger Memos is a coordinating producer for the daytime reality show, Starting Over. He writes: "I am so honored to have been interviewed for the last issue of Keene State Today. I have had quite a journey from little old Keene to Los Angeles. I thank God that I had a year in Boston before heading out to LA. That year sorta "hardened" me and opened me eyes to life in the big city. Since the article was written, we ended up getting a pick-up of an additional 65 shows, so we produced a total of 155 shows. I've been off now for about a month. I am just getting my strength back after almost eight months of working six days a week, mostly 12-hour days. Still, it was all worth it. The shows look marvelous and I am so proud of the work I did.

"I'm especially proud of and touched by a story line that is currently airing. Allison Stanley is a 38-year-old breast cancer survivor. She had barely finished her treatment when she came on the show. Her courage and bravery in coming on the show touched me in a way that I wasn't prepared for. Her journey was so heart-wrenching. Women across America will cheer for her as she attempts to heal and make some tough decisions regarding her disease.
"Some great news to report. Our show was nominated for two Daytime Emmys (best show in our category and best editing)! Our ceremony will be held in the new grand ballroom at the Kodak Theater where the Oscars are held. My wife was born in Hollywood and we were married in Hollywood, so I'm thrilled to win in this town. And I DO have a good feeling that we're going to win!

"Speaking of Hollywood, I met with Jeff LaValley '88 in Hollywood last week. There were four of us there and three of us were from my class! I knew both Lynn Izzo (from my home town of Nashua, N.H.) and Tina Santinelli. In the process of catching up, we discovered that Lynn, Tina, and I all came to LA the same year! Small world. Poor Jeff. I'm sure we drove him crazy catching up. He was a great sport, though.

"I have been out here now for almost 24 years. This is definitely home. But I tell you, Keene will always hold a special place in my heart. The friends I made there, the life experiences, priceless. I am eternally grateful to all my professors, the administrators (boy, do I miss Patty Lilly from the mailroom and Norma White, the switchboard operator, and, yes, even dear, funny, wisecracking Cindy Carney!). I had a blast at KSC. I miss the seasons, the mountains, Dunkin Donuts. Life goes on and I'm energized by my memories of KSC. Here is my e-mail address so old friends can find me:"

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