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New Class Notes 1931

The always-smiling Harriet Richardson Ames received the Golden Circle yellow rose for graduating before the rest of the alumni gathered for lunch at Heritage Heights in Concord, N.H. She is very happy with her new home and has made many new friends.
Geraline Newell Merriam's son notified us that she passed away Oct. 27, 2004, at the homestead in Woodstock, Vt. She had kept in contact with the Golden Circle coordinator after she attended her 70th reunion in 2001. Our sympathy goes to her family.

IN MEMORIAM: Geraline Newell Merriam '31 passed away Oct. 21, 2004, in Woodstock, Vt. She taught in Windsor, Vt., and worked for many years at Bridgewater Woolen Co. With her husband, she owned and operated Merriam's Store in Bridgewater, Vt.


Charlotte Davison Hamm spent Thanksgiving with her daughter Marcia. A friend took her to see La Traviata. She belongs to a writers' club and plays bridge three or four times a week. Otherwise, she relaxes in her recliner by reading, crocheting, or napping.

Olive Ames Edmunds joined more than 20 alumni and guests for a Golden Circle gathering at Heritage Heights in Concord, N.H. So nice to have her with us.

IN MEMORIAM: Dorothy Stanley Sundgren '32 died Nov. 24, 2004, in Concord, N.H. She taught in Greenland and Hopkinton.


A beautiful holiday card arrived from Frances Shaughnessy, who lives in North Walpole. She and her sister Mary were planning to spend Thanksgiving in Sudbury, Mass., with their brother and his family. Also expected was nephew Frank and family from California. This is a lucky family to have so many family members together for the holiday.

Betty Aiken Martin is 92 years old and her husband, Howard, is 94. They had been married 67 years and have three great-grandchildren.

IN MEMORIAM: Helen Freeman Rogers '33 of Pembroke, N.H. passed away Jan. 25, 2005. She had been an elementary schoolteacher.


Always nice to have Barbara Auderer Goodridge with us at the Golden Circle gatherings at Heritage Heights in Concord, N.H. It is because of her that the group was restarted and has become successful. Thank you, Barbara.

Ida Livingston Skinner of Van Nuys, Calif., writes: "I spend a lot of time keeping up my home and yard. I also volunteer at the senior center making quilts to help raise money for the center."


Many thanks to Alberta Cushing Patch-Slegaitis for writing a letter to her classmates telling them about reunion 2005 and encouraging them to attend. She celebrated her 89th birthday at a special dinner with her sons and daughter. "B" keeps busy writing the local newsletter, writing secretary reports for the residents' committee, and with organizational responsibilities as queen of the local Red Hat Society. Last summer she traveled to Vermont to spend a month with her sister, who is 90. The following month she went to New York and Massachusetts.


Bernice Bookstrom Miller dropped in for a few minutes at the Golden Circle gathering held at Heritage Heights. She had hurt her back so was unable to stay. So good of her to come by.

Ferne Coffin Fogg and her daughter Judy were planning to travel to Tucson and Globe, Ariz., to spend Thanksgiving holidays with family and friends. She reported that their vegetable garden had been successful - tomatoes, delicious corn, plenty of string beans, cukes, and squash. They shared, froze, and canned plenty of vegetables.

IN MEMORIAM: Irene Szalajeska Cid '36 died Dec. 7, 2004, in Laconia, N.H.


IN MEMORIAM: Roma B. Switzer '37 of Bellows Falls, Vt., died Dec. 12, 2004. She worked at Rockingham Free Library in Bellows Falls for many years, retiring in 1976 as children's librarian.

IN MEMORIAM: Maude Whitcomb '37 passed away Dec. 13, 2004, in Wilton, N.H. She taught math, English, and home economics at Appleton Academy in New Ipswich, N.H., for more than 25 years.


It came to pass after our 1992 reunion at Keene that I became our 1939 class secretary. As I recall, the vote was very favorable for me because no other classmate wanted the job. I remember at that time reminding myself that I was fairly safe because I didn't expect it to last very long. As I look back some dozen years later, I find that I am still trying to fulfill my obligations. After all, being a class secretary is really not a difficult task.

It pleases me to report that we had an interesting year. There have been two reunions, one in Keene in June and one in Concord in September. Presently 32 of us are still up and about. Of these 32, I have heard from 27 in one way or another this year. We live from Maine to Oregon and south to Florida.

In the fall when the leaves begin to turn, I suspect that many of our friends who live away return in all their hearts to New England. We are fortunate to live in Kennebunkport all year long. Where else can we live and be invited to a president's home occasionally?

Presently, as a class we don't generate much news, even though most of us are quite active. Our reunions are low key. We listen and tell old, time-worn stories, but there is something nice, warm, and friendly just being close to dear people that we have known since 1935.

The following folks attended our fall gathering in Concord last September: Helen Marison, Rowena Newell Walsh, Edna Twombly, Paul C. Perkins, Grace Blanchard, Ruth Berry Dodge and husband "Cap," Carl Bartlett and wife Lillian.
We heard from the following: Edith Carrier Foulds, Bert Tardif, Gordon Tate, Dorothy Orser Nelson, Frances Cuddemi Denigris, Sister Mary Hugh Dearborn, Ernest Fisk, Ruth Maker Worrad, Rose McCaugney Reyor, Angela Lampesis Johns, Eleanor Richardson Morin, Ruth Bernier Mitchell, Richard Dundas.
We are still supporting our Class of 1939 International Education Fund. The income from this fund enables the College to attract visiting scholars from all over the globe to the Keene campus.

Very often I think of my friends from Keene. I look upon all of you with pride and affection. You have made my life better. We can all look upon KSC with more than considerable pride. Since we left, the College has grown from a small, not well known Normal School to a large, very well known, and highly respected College. It has a highly respected staff and a beautiful, large, and improved campus. After 65 years I have become proud to proclaim that I graduated from Keene State College.

Yes, I am still riding my bike (about 700 miles this year). Our fall reunions will continue. Our next gathering will be held at the Cat 'n' Fiddle Restaurant in Concord, N.H., on Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2005. All members of the 1938 and 1939 classes are most welcome.

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