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From Jim Wheeler: "It's sort of like being reborn, but for the past three years I have been taking courses at KSC in the evening. The good news is it costs me only the amount of the books for the course. The rest is free - and because I'm auditing these courses, I don't have to take the tests or prepare any papers. If only college had been this easy."

From Priscilla Roberts: "Here are a few notes about our upcoming 55th class reunion. It will be held the first Saturday in June 2005. Marge Soucy, Vincent Russell, Dick Tremblay, and I met at the L. P. Young Student Center in September to make a few plans for our time together. Three letters will be sent to class members throughout the year as reminders.

"I was saddened to learn of the passing of our classmate, Charlotte Chandler Pucci, last February. Also, Ruth Keddy '43.

"Recently, I returned from an Alpine Adventures trip with a wonderful group of friends and an outstanding tour guide. We arrived in Munich in time for Oktoberfest. We visited five countries with numerous excursions in each. I would be hard pressed to decide which one I enjoyed the most. It would be a toss-up among Zermatt, the ride up Mount Gorgergrat, or the gondola ride in Venice. I carried along my Keene State Today for a photo op, but only remembered to get it out of my luggage once. That was when we visited Vaduz, Liechtenstein. After our upcoming church bazaar, with which I am involved, I'll be heading to my Florida home in Delray Beach for another winter. I'll be glad to miss out on all the cold weather."

IN MEMORIAM: George H. Taylor '50 died July 14, 2004, in Concord, N.H. He earned a master's degree at SUNY-Oswego and served in the U.S. Army during World War II. He taught for 27 years at KSC as associate professor in graphic arts and drafting.


The following classmates have been seen at the Cat 'n' Fiddle, Wadleigh State Park Potluck Picnic, Newick's, and the College Camp: Jill Knight Wyman, James McShane, Charles Plimpton, Elaine Schmidt Chesley, Pauline Bullard Brown, Glenna Yeaton Nutter, Cecil Nash, Joan Greeley Simpson, Margaret Harrigan, and Norma Wright Walker.

Our sympathy goes to the family of Stanford White and to Barbara Sullivan Brooks on the loss of her husband. Many of us know what these two families are enduring at this time.

Reunion 2004 brought Charlie Plimpton and Charlie Manos to the Keene campus. Lois Flint Plimpton '54 celebrated her 50th, while Betty Berry Manos '49 shared in her class's 55th anniversary. Cecil Nash and Betsy Walker Staples worked at the registration table. Norma Wright Walker was busy welcoming the Golden Circle alumni as they registered. She conducted their annual meeting and hosted an afternoon reception in the Mountain View Room in the L. P. Young Student Center.

Imagine the surprise alumni office staff member Melinda Mosier had when she met a teacher of hers, Pauline Bullard Brown. It really is a small world. You never know whom you'll meet. So join us.

Barbara Garland Woods entertained her daughter and child from Texas last summer, as well as her daughter and family from Michigan, at her home in Enfield.

Margaret Rhoades Bost called to remember Ruth Wilson Keddy '43, our beloved physical education teacher. Ruth had been Margaret's teacher for four years in high school as well as at KTC. Margaret had some health problems over the winter. She also reported on the death of Jeannette Whitehouse Hayn back in December 2003 after a period of failing health.

Guess who is still knitting as she did when at KTC? Rita Hayes Evans goes to the senior center in her hometown to knit baby sets that are sold in their store. Rita and Arnold took her sister Mildred to Branson, Mo., where they attended several shows. In the fall, they planned a cruise with an AARP group to Halifax, Nova Scotia, and St. John's, New Brunswick.

Joan Greeley Simpson called to say she and Irene McAllister Wilkins attended the memorial service for Neal Slocum '52 in Burlington, Vt. There they met Neal's classmate Ernest Clark '52. Joan said it was a beautiful service.

After 30-plus years, Norma Walker resigned as chair of the Hancock (N.H.) High Alumni Association. Another KSC alum attending besides Norma was Sarah Weston Hutchins '57.


From Irene DiMeco Parent: Hi again. A brief note from Don Carle tells us that he attended the 2004 reunion, always a very fun time for him. This year Neal Slocum and he were the only ones from the class of '52. Neal had the honor of carrying the class sign. Neal and Bev had come down from Burlington, Vt. The Class of '54 was the honor class this year for their 50th. Don reminds all alumni: "During the next school year if a KSC sports team is playing near you, please go and see the game. Keene teams are good and you will enjoy them." He also adds that the kids love to play in front of alumni. Thanks, Don. You are always good about sending news.

Got an interesting note from Fred G. Farley who resides in Kittery, Me. "I still hear from Newt Lewis '51 and manage to keep up on the doings of others. '52 does seem long ago, but I still have fond memories of the barracks, friends, and our good times. I lost my wife of 51 years some time ago, but manage to keep busy. I volunteer twice a week at two nursing homes and bring a presentation to each twice a month. I am an active member of the Lions organization here in Kittery. I take some courses at our high school each semester. After teaching for 35 years and enjoying it, it seems quite natural. I often wonder why more young people don't enter the teaching profession. I found it richly rewarding, satisfying, and a fine profession. Perhaps stress, regulations, and compensation are to blame. I will write again. Thanks for your efforts."

This past spring Bruce and I spent a few days on Sanibel Island (off the southwest coast of Florida) with our third son, Mark, his wife, and their two sons, 4 and 6. It is quite the beautiful island, beautiful sunsets. While I'm at this, I'll give a little history of our family, as I have not written since graduating. Beginning in the summer of '52 after graduation, Bruce spent two years in the Army in Germany while I taught in Keene. In 1955, we were married in Keene. We lived in Peterborough, N.H., for five years. Bruce and I both taught there until we moved to Ashburnham, Mass., where we have been living for 44 years. We have four sons, Kevin, Scott, Mark, and Brian. Three sons are married. Son number one lives in South Carolina with wife and son. Son number two lives in California with wife and family (two more grandchildren). Son number 3 lives in Jackson, N.H., with two sons (five grandsons in all). Son number 4, a musician living in Ashburnham, is not married yet.

Bruce taught at Oakmont Regional High School in Ashburnham and in Ayer, Mass. while I taught (between children) grades one, two, five, six and Title I in Keene, Peterborough, Ashburnham, Westminster, and Winchendon, Mass. Bruce retired in '89 after 35 years of teaching, and I retired in '98, after 22 years. In Bruce's spare time he was an umpire and soccer official for colleges in New England for many years. After retiring he decided to go to tractor-trailer school, and drove a ten-wheeler for 3 years. (He always liked to play with trucks.) He now works part time for a landscaper. Bruce is also an avid reader and quite versed in the history of both world wars. He also enjoys working on his model railroad. His father was an engineer for the E.B. & L. Railroad in Lincoln, N.H. (He still likes to play with trains, too.) I was religious education coordinator for 26 years in St. Denis Church, and I continue to substitute in the area schools, tutor, and teach 4th grade CCD. I enjoy working in my perennial flower garden and going to exercise classes.

My favorite place is the ocean, while Bruce enjoys the mountains. We have traveled to Italy, Switzerland, and France where we visited, among other places, the Normandy beaches. Quite a memorable experience. I visited Israel on a pilgrimage with the CCD teachers, while Bruce babysat our four sons. Several summers ago, Bruce and I and son number 4 rented an RV and, for five weeks, toured cross-country and visited several national parks along the way. That was quite an awesome experience, as well. We had a flat tire on our RV coming down a steep narrow road in Redwood National Park. (Yikes, scary.)

Bruce and I will be married 50 years in June 2005. Wow! Can't believe it. Where did the time go? It seems like yesterday. These are just some of the highlights of our lives and we are happy to finally share them with you all.

From Claire Waterhouse Simensen: Thanks to those who have been sending back our surveys. It is so good to hear from all of you. We get notes from some of our classmates saying how much they enjoy the updates. Keep up the good work! If you have some news to share, please contact one of us. Don't wait for us to get in touch.

Virginia Brown Leach wrote from Spanaway, Wash. She taught for 30 years in the primary grades. Started her career in Rindge. Went to Japan and taught in the Johnson AFB Dependent School. Met Charles Leach and they were married in 1956. Continued her career in Montana and Washington. She and Charlie had two children, Tim and Jennifer. Tim is a computer programmer and cartographer. Jennifer is completing her MFA at UT in Knoxville. Ginny's travels include trips to Hawaii, Japan (living there for six years), Europe, and a trip back to New England for our 50th reunion. She does tutorial mentoring at a local elementary school. She enjoys gardening, knitting, reading, and oil painting. She takes two classes a week for the painting. Busy lady!

Murray Gilman writes from Epsom, N.H. He married Jean Gadreault in 1951 and they have three children and four grandchildren. Murray retired in 1992. He enjoys fishing and baseball. In his leisure time he does a lot of reading.

Glendle Emerson Kearney taught for 22 years in Washington, D.C., and Connecticut. She married John Kearney in 1974. Summers are spent in New Hampshire and winters in Florida. She has four children and six grandchildren. Gardening is one of her hobbies. She spends her leisure time playing cards, dancing, and traveling. Enjoying retirement, I guess.

I keep busy, as usual. Have my oldest grandson at Salem High School this year. He is on the JV volleyball team. Now I have another reason for attending sporting events there, which I have been enjoying for years! This summer I attended the Golden Circle meeting in Concord. Our class had the most members (7) attending. Norma Wright Walker presented each of us with a bag of KSC memorabilia. A nice gesture on her part. Doris Barnes, Lila Murphy, Winnie and Bob Langtry, Charlie Mitchell, and Al Stevens were there. Let's try to keep up the good attendance! It's great to see everyone. Keep the news coming!


IN MEMORIAM: Irene Terill Warner '53 passed away Aug. 23, 2004. She spent her life teaching and caring for children in the Room for One More Adoption Program, Health and Human Services in Florida, and the Solve House for Unwed Mothers.


From Alfreda Crosby Gallo: Hello, graduating class of 1955. We will celebrate our 50th reunion on June 3-4, 2005. You can help make the event a success. If you would like to help with the reunion planning, please notify Mike Maher, If you have any questions on how you can help call 800-KSC-1909.

I took a trip to New Hampshire last summer to attend a high school reunion and "Kingston on the Plains." I had three days of fun meeting old friends and attending a family reunion. While in Kingston, I met Richard Stevens, husband of Betty Field Stevens. He took me around to visit her grave and the grave of Marjorie Stevens Prina. They were close friends. Margie was my maid of honor and Betty was a bridesmaid at my wedding in 1955. Betty had an unusual gravesite, behind the church in Brentwood, snuggled in the roots of a pine tree.

The only member of good old KTC that I saw was Mrs. Esther Hussey Prescott '37, retired but still full of energy! She was my principal in Kensington, where I taught the second grade.

Don't forget to make plans to go to Philippe Park, Florida, on the last Sunday in February. Also, notify some of your college friends that live in Florida. We need more alumni of KSC, formerly KTC, to attend this meeting.

IN MEMORIAM: Patricia Potter Meserve '55 died Aug. 25, 2004, in Titusville, Fla. She earned a master's degree at Plymouth State and taught in Gorham and Berlin for 34 years, retiring in 1995.


From Mary Ann Pellerin: "Hi, classmates! I'm b-a-a-a-ack! Mary Gline needs some time to recover from a bout with cancer, so I told her I'd take over through our 50th!

Question: Do you have Acadian roots? My brother, John, his wife, Myrtle, and I toured Nova Scotia to celebrate the 400th anniversary of its founding by Samuel de Champlain. We also toured many places where our Pellerin ancestors walked, and we attended the Pellerin Family Reunion in the Maritime region at Larry's River. There we met many distant cousins and learned about our own Acadian ancestry. Are you interested in genealogy? If not, what special project is keeping you mentally active? Got any ideas about how you'd like to spend our 50th? Are you willing to help plan the event? It's not too early to begin thinking about it. You can reach me via e-mail at, or by snail mail at Apt/ 2104, 10450 Lottsford Rd., Mitchellville, MD 20721."


From Cynthia Randall Faust: "Vincent Riel, chairperson for our 50th anniversary gift committee, called a meeting in October to discuss potential uses for anticipated funds for a class gift. In attendance were Judy Kalich, director of advancement, and the following classmates: Vincent Riel, Nils Peterson, Cynthia Faust, Mary Lou LaCoste, Ralph Fuller, Connie Tremblay, and Lee Duncan. Unable to attend were Gene and Connie Ross and Jean Pollack.

Various options were discussed, such as an endowment fund for students, but no final decision was made. Many of the suggested gifts on the list received at our class meeting in June 2002 have already been purchased and new items added. Judy Kalich informed us that the College has purchased a house at 232 Main St. (across from Hale Building). Many renovations will be necessary to turn this building into a new KSC Alumni Office. There will be some opportunities for gifts to support alumni operations. The committee will meet again in August 2005 to further discuss the options. If any class members have opinions on gift preference, please contact the alumni office, Vincent Riel, or Nils Peterson.

It would be wonderful if some of you out there would drop a note or e-mail to me and let me know what is going on in your life. It's always nice to have some news under our class year in Keene State Today."

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