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From Flora J. Perkins: "Once again I need your help. The classmates look forward to and enjoy the items that they read in Keene State Today. One lady said that she makes quilts - pretty good for a 95-year-old. Another lady wrote that she takes long walks. You know, that's great for the figure. I like the one who continues to drive her car, attends retired people's meetings, and goes shopping by herself. Of course, it's nice to know that most of these classmates tell of going to church. We all delight in telling of our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Maybe I'll run a contest to see who has the most.

"As for myself, I do watch the news on TV and enjoy long movies. Many of you know that my daughter and I have a hobby with pet rocks. If you will send an item for me to use in the magazine, then I'll send you a pet rock and sleeping bag for it - a bribe. We sell at craft shows. It keeps me in 'pin' money.

"Do you ever consider going to reunion in 2005? I have a golf cart and I often ride down to the lake in back of our house. Sometimes I see cranes, ducks, and wild geese with their babies. When I have company, we can ride through the woods beyond to the lake, so do come to visit. But most of all, I need items for Keene State Today. Do write."


Harriet Richardson Ames has moved to Havenwood, a retirement community in Concord, N.H. She attended her eighth Golden Circle luncheon at the Cat 'n' Fiddle with more than 60 other alums and guests. Harriet received a certificate for perfect attendance from Norma Wright Walker '51. Always nice to have smiling Harriet with us. She belongs to a group call the 12 T's (teachers) who meet for lunch every summer; some in the group have done this for 33 years. This year they honored Harriet at their meeting at Johnson's Dairy Bar in Northwood. The group, decked out in individually decorated straw hats, included Clarice Zanes Constant '32, Emelyn Ayer Krause '41, Marge Sherman Pyle '56, Marjorie Duston Stapleton '52, and Deborah Barton '74.

Harriet writes, "In March I decided to give up the mobile home I had lived in for 33 seasons. It was a hard decision to make, but my 94 years of age really slowed me down. On May 6, Arthur and I flew back to N.H., and Marjorie and Herb brought me to Pittsfield and hence to York Beach to celebrate Mother's Day with the family. It was great to see them all. May 31 we put up a For Sale sign at 63 South Main Street and June 1 the broker phoned to tell me he had a buyer. Marjorie wanted me to settle in Concord to be near family so they could look out for me. On June 27, they moved me to Havenwood. They have been a godsend all the way. Up to now I've not been sorry that this will likely be my last home. I am in the Lodge and have three meals a day (no cooking to worry about). Like most of these retirement campuses, there are always a lot of activities suited to residents 55 and older. My new address is Harriet R. Ames, 33 Christian Ave.#18, Concord, N.H., 03301-6128. I am well and happy and wish you all a happy and healthy 2005."

Iva Stiles attended her first Golden Circle luncheon at Newick's in Dover, N.H. She and Gordon Tate '39 received medallions. Hope to see them at more gatherings.

IN MEMORIAM: Vanda Saguinetti Steele '31 died Sept. 28, 2004. She earned a doctorate at Adelphi University and taught in New England and New York, including Oceanside (N.Y.) elementary schools until retiring at age 70. She sang arias and played classical piano for an NBC radio program, and was an accomplished organist. She also received many awards for regional choral and band performances.


Charlotte D. Hamm of Utica, N.Y., writes, "I live in a lovely retirement home, Acadia Village, a Masonic care community. I live as an independent, participating in many activities - writing club, line dancing, bridge, and more. We have a beautiful chapel filled with Tiffany stained-glass windows. The staff is caring and efficient. What else could I want?"


Marion Lathe Lewis of Gainesville, Ga., tells us she is "still hanging in there at 93!"

A long letter arrived from Marion Knuckey Pauling saying her garden was a disaster due to the unusual summer weather. Marion is excited for her granddaughter, who began her teaching career in New London this fall. She said Kate spent a great deal of time in preparation for her job.

Margaret Newman Chickering joined 32 alumni and guests for a Golden Circle luncheon at the College Camp. She received a yellow rose for graduating before the rest of us. A copy of a letter that Margaret wrote in 1945 when she was stationed in Germany was discovered in an old Christmas letter sent to members of Nu Beta Upsilon (home ec club). It tells of her life there and the beautiful countryside.

Nathalie Scott Tisdale received a surprise visit from Norma Wright Walker '51 and her husband. They had a great time catching up on family and friends. Nathalie gave them a tour of her new apartment at Langdon Place.

IN MEMORIAM: Esther Rickard Pollard '33 died July 13, 2004, in Newport, N.H. She was a soloist in church choirs and taught piano lessons privately. At age 83 she became the oldest member of the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen for her hand-woven blankets, place mats, and Shaker rugs.


From Doris McQuade Rebidue: "I am 92 years young, living in my own home, still doing quite a bit of traveling, enjoying my family."

Mary Grimes Doyle, in a beautiful green dress, represented her class at the 2004 reunion. She had her photo taken for her class and with the Golden Circle. So nice to have Mary with us.


It was so nice to have Alta Perkins Jursa and her husband, Adolph, at reunion. She was recognized there and at the Golden Circle luncheon in Meredith, N.H. She shared some interesting stories of her life.

IN MEMORIAM: Robert H. Domina '35 died Sept. 9, 2004, in Swanzey, N.H. He was an industrial arts teacher, guidance counselor, and special education administrator in the Amherst, Mass., public schools for 40 years.


Bernice Bookstrom Miller attended her eighth Golden Circle luncheon at Cat 'n' Fiddle in Concord, N.H., and received a certificate for perfect attendance.

From Roundup, Mont., Ferne Coffin Fogg writes about her busy life. She and her daughter had a wonderful vegetable garden with enough produce for their winter supply and extras to share with friends. Ferne still volunteers in town and will until it is too dangerous to drive this winter.

Ellen Hartshorn Grauer of Rivermead in Peterborough, N.H., sent a nice note about her busy life there.

Waldo Streeter and his wife attended the Alumni Potluck Picnic held at Wadleigh State Park in Sutton, N.H. He was honored for graduating before the rest of those present.


Florence Hutchinson Cooney of Springfield, Va., writes, "No time to dilly or dally - I sling a mean ball at the alley. Have albums from '16 to '04. Why wish for anything more?"


Five classmates attended the Golden Circle luncheon in Concord, N.H. - Helen Berry Haubrich, Stanley Johnson, Paul Nordman, Doris Delaware Piper, and Blanche "Scotty" Bean Smith. Stanley, Paul, and Doris joined Marion Truell Sobin at a similar alumni gathering at the College Camp on Wilson Pond, Swanzey, N.H.


From Carl G. Bartlett: On June 5, 2004, eight members of the class of 1939 were able to celebrate their 65th reunion at Keene State College. Those who attended: Rose McCaughey Reyor, Edna Twombly, Grace Blanchard, Helen Marison, Rowena Newell Walsh, Bunny Berry Dodge and her husband Cap, Ruth Maker Worrad, Carl Bartlett and his wife Lil. Our two guests were Stephanie Nicholson and her husband James.

We are sorry to report that Stephanie has left the alumni office. It has been a joy for me to work with her for the last few years. I will miss her and we all wish her well.

We had our lunch at the Pub Restaurant, across from KSC on Winchester Street. It is a great place for older folks because it requires little or no walking and there is ample parking. We would like to thank Rose Reyor for making all of the arrangements; she also crafted some attractive favors for us. Every class needs a Rose Reyor. Someone, unknown to me, presented a long-stem rose to each of the ladies present. This was a nice and thoughtful gesture. It was pleasant for us to eat and talk with our class members after all the years.

At our luncheon each member of the 1939 class received a citation from the College honoring us "for excellence in school spirit, camaraderie, friendship, and establishment of the Class of 1939 International Education Endowment." The citation was signed by President Yarosewick. We are all pleased and proud to be recognized for our Class of 1939 gift, our unique contribution to KSC.

I am proud of my classmates. It is probably a little unusual for us to be such good friends after all these years. As a group we look pretty good. We have many things in common, including the fact that we can't drive after dark any longer.

Our request for information from classmates who were unable to attend was very good. In various ways, we heard from the following: Ernest Fiske, Dorothy Orser Nelson, Ann Brown Frink, Ruth Bernier Mitchell, Barbara Butterfield Carll, Richard Dundas, Claire Paddleford Moore, Gordon Tate, Kathleen Duranty Churchill, Bert Tardif, Angela Lampesis Johns, Edith Carrier Foulds, Eleanor Richardson Morin, Paul Perkins, Jane Jeffery Whitney, and Virginia Bodwell Parkinson. We received information from all but eight of our classmates. We hope that they are well.

As I have reported previously, if you haven't been on the KSC campus for many years, you should try to go and have a look around. Be sure to take a map because it is easy to get lost. By our standards, the campus is a very large, beautiful, and functional place.

Back in July we were able to attend a Golden Circle luncheon at Newick's on Dover Point. Three members of the class of 1939 enjoyed eating together: Gordon Tate, Edna Twombly, and me. My wife Lil and I have attended several Golden Circle luncheons and it has been a good low-key way of meeting old friends. Norma Walker deserves our thanks for a task well done.

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