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Terese Roloff '77

In her self-styled "farewell tour," Terri Roloff stopped in the International Marketplace in Waikiki, Hawaii, last July to catch up on the latest Keene State Today. Her final travels also included Arizona, California, and more eastern states. During chemotherapy, Terri volunteered her technology expertise to KSC's College Relations Office, much to our good fortune. After she passed away March 3, 2004, participants at her memorial service included many KSC alumni.

Dr. Edward F. Pierce, dean of instruction at KSC from 1966 to 1972, died Sept. 15, 2003 in Wolfeboro, N.H.

Linda J. Gladysz '21 passed away Aug. 23, 2003, in Denton, N.H.

Hazel Gilman Baker '23 died Jan. 2, 2004, in Orleans, Mass. She attended New York University and taught business courses for many years in Hartford, Conn

Helen Kimball Houston '24 died Feb. 2, 2004, in Boscawen, N.H. She taught in Whitefield, N.H., and Belmont, Mass. Since 1996, she was the holder of the Boston Post Cane as the oldest resident of Boscawen.

Vera K. McDonough '26 died Jan. 27, 2004, in Concord, N.H. She lived in East Manchester, N.H., most of her life and taught at Parker and Varney schools for 40 years.

Hazel Beard Miller '26 passed away Jan. 3, 2004, in Keene, N.H. She graduated from UNH in 1927 and taught in Exeter, Bennington, and Keene high schools.

Eleanor Ellison Cross '27 died Jan. 5, 2004, in Exeter, N.H. She was an employee of the UNH audiovisual center for 17 years and, with her husband, operated Leawood Orchards in Durham, N.H., for many years.

Grace Smart Cerruti '28 died Aug. 17, 2003, in Manchester, N.H. She taught in elementary schools in New Hampshire, then went to New York City and became a jewelry buyer for B. Altman & Co.

Mary Phelan Lane '28 passed away Aug. 3, 2003, in Concord, N.H. She taught in Livermore, Antrim, Enfield, Hillsboro, and Stoddard, and was town clerk and treasurer of Stoddard for 30 years.

Julia Pushee Runnells '28 died in Boscawen, N.H. She taught in Enfield, Lyme, Boscawen, N.H., and Marblehead, Mass

Evelyn Warren Bailey '29 passed away Mar. 2, 2004, in Wayland, Mass. She lived in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Florida, and West Virginia before moving in with her daughter in Wayland.

Lucille Underwood Philbrick '30 died in March 2003, in Peterborough, N.H. She was a first grade teacher at Symonds and Lincoln schools in Keene for more than 40 years

Virginia E. Waterhouse '30 passed away June 7, 2002.

Rita Turley Brooks '31 died Jan. 6, 2004, in Laconia, N.H. She taught in Wellesley, Mass., and Meredith and Laconia, N.H.

William Oscar Frazer '32, BEd. '45, passed away Jan. 22, 2004, in Lebanon, N.H. He taught for 42 years, starting in a one-room school, and then science and math in high schools. He was a lay minister for the Friends and sang in choirs and barbershop groups.

Anne Oulton Galt '32 died May 24, 2003, in Dover, N.H. She taught in Hanover for 10 years before moving to Dover, where she served as Ward 1 selectman and in many community activities

Florence Dunningham Johnson '32 died April 19, 2004, in Sunnyvale, Calif. She taught elementary school in Tilton, N.H., and substituted in the Winthrop, Mass., public schools for many years.

Fredrica Hope Moore Raynes '32 died Sept. 2, 2003, in Exeter, N.H. She was employed by the Farmers Home Administration for 27 years.

Frances Durell Huckins '33 died Dec. 17, 2003, in New Hampton, N.H. She taught in a one-room schoolhouse in New Hampton and in Newmarket and was a substitute after her retirement.

Helen Couture Anderson '34 passed away Dec. 25, 2003, in Falmouth, Mass. She taught math in Groveton, N.H., until 1975, then substituted for many years in every subject, including shop class.

Frank Bennett '34 passed away Nov. 22, 2003

Louise MacDougall Eadie '34 died Mar. 4, 2004, in Scarborough, Maine. She lived in Berlin, N.H., most of her life and directed choirs and was a substitute teacher for many years, as well as an amateur artist.

Barbara A. Fuller '34 died Oct. 3, 2003, in Concord, N.H. She earned a master's degree at Fitchburg State College and taught in the Nashua school system for 40 years.

Jenness Carlton Phillips '36, BEd. '47, died Mar. 12, 2004, in Milford, N.H. She taught elementary school in Swanzey, Stewartstown, Keene, Clarksville, and Milford, where she taught for 23 years.

Ruth Hussey Sargent '36 died Jan. 30, 2004, in Greenland, N.H. She began teaching in a one-room school in Barnstead, and later in elementary schools in Stratham and Kensington.

Alice Fiske Ellis '37 died Mar. 2, 2004, in Keene, N.H. She was a second grade teacher in Springfield, Vt., and Jaffrey, N.H.

Ethel Howe Lynch '38, BEd. '59, died Oct. 28, 2003, in Concord, N.H. She taught elementary school in Orange, Canaan, and Concord.

Edna Brown Mann '38 died Oct. 28, 2003, in Greensboro, N.C. She taught at Monadnock Regional High School before retiring to North Carolina.

Elizabeth V. Mulligan '42 passed away Jan. 2, 2004, in Concord, N.H. She taught third grade in Concord schools for 38 years, including 30 years at Conant School.

William C. Marcoux '45 passed away May 27, 2003.

Anna Robinson Lynch '46 died in Keene, N.H. She taught in Laconia and was a substitute at Wheelock School in Keene. She also worked for the school lunch program.

Sarah Johnson Huckins '47 died Sept. 22, 2003, in Strafford, N.H. She taught in Barrington and Strafford schools.

Bertha Lawson Woodward '47 died Dec. 1, 2003 after poor health following a broken hip.

Jerome J. Rogers M'51 passed away in Keene, N.H. He taught at elementary schools for many years and coached Little League baseball.

Jeannette Whitehouse Hahn '51 died Dec. 29, 2003, in Glen Burnie, Md. She had been director of parks and recreation in Baltimore City, Md., for 37 year

Joseph L. Daigle '52 passed away Oct. 7, 2003, in Manchester, N.H. He served in the U.S. Army and worked for the U.S. Post Office and Manchester Building Department.

William Southmayd '53 died Oct. 2, 2003. He served in the U.S. Air Force and retired from Sanders Associates.

Raymond A. Klaybor '54 died Nov.1, 2003, in Hanover, N.H. He served in the U.S. Navy, earned a master's degree from Dartmouth College, and taught science in Lebanon for 31 years

Marie Lucienne "Lucy" Corriveau Walker '55 passed away Jan. 6, 2004, in Manchester, N.H. She was a WAVE recruiter in WWII and worked at Continental Baking Company in New York for many years.

Marilyn "Molly" Fellows Coffey '56 died Mar. 6, 2004, in Beverly, Mass. She taught in Beverly elementary schools for 39 years.

Eugene F. Whittemore '58 died Nov. 21, 2003, in Penacook, N.H. He served in the U.S. Air Force and taught industrial arts at Milford and Merrimack high schools.

Douglas M. Leslie '58 passed away Nov. 7, 2003, in San Antonio, Tex.

Geraldine Fletcher Orr '63 passed away Feb. 6, 2004

Leo N. Turgeon '63 died Nov. 23, 2003, in Dover, N.H. He taught industrial arts at Manchester West High School for 30 years.

Thomas R. Doran '64 died Jan. 28, 2004 in Merrimack, N.H. He taught language arts in the Amesbury, Mass., middle school and coached basketball and baseball

Paul W. Gowell Sr. '68 died in Keene, N.H. He was a radio announcer with WKBK for several years, owned an insulation and siding business, and worked as an electrician for Kingsbury Corp

Debra J. Sicard '76 died in October 2003, in Enfield, N.H. She taught in Pittsburg, N.H., and at Mascoma Valley Regional High School and was an assistant librarian at Dartmouth College for the past 10 years.

Janet Wallace Huff '77 died March 25, 2003, of liver failure caused by metastatic breast cancer.

Terese "Terri" Roloff '78 died Mar. 3, 2004, in Keene, N.H. She had been informational technologies manager for Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Oakland, Calif.

M. Catherine Ravlin Kamarck '79 passed away Aug. 20, 2003, at her summer home in Greene, Maine. She worked at Honeywell Corp. and Yale University and published a book on sulfite food additives.

Kelly Conway de Aguilera '84 died in Keene, N.H. She lived in Spain for 10 years and returned to Keene, where she worked for Step By Step and taught English as a second language.

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