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New Class Notes 1950

Priscilla Holmes Roberts writes, "Have enjoyed three Golden Circle luncheons this year. In February, I will cruise with four family members to Panama. Grandson was home for two weeks R & R from Baghdad in November."


Elizabeth Walker Staples and Jill Knight Wyman joined Norma Wright Walker at KSC luncheon at the Cat 'n' Fiddle in Concord. The Golden Circle luncheon at Cabot's Inn in Lancaster brought together Charles Ricardi, Stanley Johnson, William Remick, Richard Rogers, Walter Tibbits, Margaret Harrigan, and Norma Walker. So nice to see so many from our class and catch up on their lives since June 1951.

Rita Hayes Evans and her husband, Arnold, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, as did several of our classmates. Rita missed Reunion 2003 because they were enjoying an eight-day cruise to Bermuda. Their afternoons have been filled with grandchildren's soccer games and other activities. Rita volunteers at the local senior center each week.

Several Keene alumni attended the Hancock High School reunion on Aug. 17. Norma Walker and Sarah Weston Hutchins '57 worked on the planning committee. Other alumni in attendance were Marion Weston Frazier '63, Elizabeth Merrill Weston '51, William Weston '53, Lee McMahon '60, and Elva Rogers Hughes '32. Al '46 and Breezy '46 Mosley attended also. They had taught at the high school early in their careers.

Martha Bassett Sargent and husband Dick celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with family and friends. They journeyed to Wisconsin to see a granddaughter perform in Annie. In July they were in New Hampshire to join Martha's family reunion. August found them off to Colorado to visit their son. They and their neighbors in Springfield, Va., escaped the fury of hurricane Isabel. Their water was cut off for a day, and a few downed branches were the only problems they had. Martha and Dick plan to attend the 100th anniversary of Hopkinton High School, where Dick received his education.

Barbara Garland Woods entertained her daughters, Nancy and Susan, with their families during the summer months. One daughter lives in Michigan, and the other is from Texas.

Bevalie Bonardi Bouchard sent Norma Walker an interesting article about a 1950 softball team from Bethlehem. The team won 11 games and had no losses. Gloria Jackson Symonds '53 played on the team, too. The games were played under the lights at 9 p.m. on Wednesday nights in Littleton. What memories!

August 20 was a sad day for our class, bringing the death of Winnie Beaulieu Edoff. She had endured a long period of hospitalization. The funeral was held in East Longmeadow, Mass., and she was buried in the Monadnock View Cemetery, West Keene. Donations in her memory may be sent to the National Audubon Society, 7001 Broadway, New York, NY, 10003.

Socrates and Althea Roy Clonaris of Connecticut sent a wonderful letter. Soc retired from teaching at New Milford High School. Althea had worked at the local Fashion Bug store. Even in retirement, they keep busy.

Nina Krochmal Witham was presented with a birthday cake at the Golden Circle luncheon at Warren's Lobster House in Kittery, Maine. She also received a lovely bouquet of flowers from a future daughter-in-law who works there. Other classmates attending the gathering were Jill Knight Wyman, Ruth Bickford Peck, Barbara Sullivan Brook, Joan Greeley Simpson, and Norma Wright Walker.

Audrey Tucker Starkey is delighted that one of her children now lives in Florida. Now she has a good reason to go south when it is snowy and cold in Keene. Lucky Audrey!

Sorry to hear about Marjorie McLaughlin Capron's stay in the hospital. After a period of rehab, she was allowed to return home.

Helen Booras Werner writes from Texas that she has closed her school where she worked for many years. She still does some consulting and tutoring, which she enjoys. For some of us it is difficult to let go of being involved with children. Helen is eager to help plan our 55th Reunion in 2006. It's not that far away.

Pauline Bullard Brown attended her husband's high school reunion in Rhode Island. They had a great time renewing old friendships. Polly thinks Clayton's reunions are more fun than hers. She has accepted the responsibility of being our class secretary. She would appreciate news from all of her classmates, so let's give her our support.

Barbara Sullivan Brooks has been appointed fund representative for the Fresh Air Children's Fund and will oversee the towns of Lee, Conway, Plymouth, Jefferson, and Wolfeboro. She has worked in many capacities for this fund, and she and the visiting children have wonderful memories. Barbara is also involved in her hometown of Hebron, where she puts on a moving Veterans Day program.

Jill Knight Wyman joined other Golden Circle alumni at Heritage Heights. She told the story about climbing Mount Monadnock in 1950 when she and others, Polly included, came down the wrong trail. She had to call her brother Jack to the rescue. Does anyone else share this memory?

Claude and Marian Brown Leavitt were spotted at a local restaurant in the Keene area.

Joan Greeley Simpson and her husband spent 17 days in the Portland, Ore., area with friends. They enjoyed all the beautiful mountain scenery.

We hope your holiday season was a happy one, and we want to hear from you in 2004.

IN MEMORIAM: Winifred Beaulieu Edoff '51 passed away on Aug. 20, 2003. She was a class secretary for many years.


From Irene: Not much news to report on the 51st Reunion, 2003, except that it was fun visiting with old friends and there was good food all around and interesting decorations. Very few 52ers were there. Don Carle, Murray Ramsay, and Murray's wife, Margaret '56 , went to the mixer Friday night. Said it was great. Don and wife Charlotte Nelson Carle '53 were there Saturday for the luncheon. It was Charlotte's 50th. Present at the luncheon were Rachel Osborne Kidder, Norma Morissette Mallat and Bob '58, Neil Slocum and his wife, and Bruce and me. Neil and his wife are present for almost every Reunion, as are Norma and Bob, Murray, and Don. Bruce and I, Don, Norma, and Bob were there Saturday for the dinner dance as well - lively music and good food, a fun get-together. Sunday's President's Brunch is always wonderful. Don, Murray, Norma, and Bob attended. I hope I haven't missed anyone as we were not at every occasion, and I am getting this news secondhand.

Got a brief note from Phil Hyde. He and Francis Volkmann were married in '55 and have three children - Cheryl, Scott, and Julie. Since retirement he has been busy with church activities, gardening, and of course tennis. (How are your knees?) They are enjoying retirement in Rye. If our info is correct, Phil is a member of the KSC Athletic Hall of Fame, and apparently is still very active. Great to hear from you and your wife, Phil.

Rachel Osborn Kidder writes a very interesting letter from Barnstead: "I married two weeks after graduation. My husband was a WWII vet. He attended Manchester Tech, where he studied auto mechanics and then opened his own garage. We did a lot of traveling before he died suddenly in August '93. We have two children, Jim and Mary. Jim worked with my husband and took over the business, and Mary is a nurse and works for HMO Cigna. I taught home ec for two years, then was a stay-at-home mom for eight years. I converted my teaching to elementary ed and taught for 24 years, five in Barnstead and 19 at the Dame School in Concord. I get a lot of enjoyment from the Epsom Bible Church. It has been a very important part of my life. Two years ago I joined a group from Concord and traveled to Israel, which we enjoyed very much. I'm very happy to be right here now in Barnstead with my two children nearby. I love my vegetable garden and the annual flowers. I still enjoy cooking and sewing. And of course I can't forget my six grandchildren and three great grandchildren." Rachel, thanks for the live update.

Here's an update on Bob and Winnie Langtry. They write that he is a retired minister and involved in community activities such as Dial-a-Ride. He and Winnie retired to Contoocook and live across from the Hopkinton Fairgrounds in a nice mobile home development. They've added a room and a deck, which overlooks the Warner River behind their house, giving them much pleasure. They have three sons and five grandchildren. They have traveled to Columbia, S.C., to visit Bob's brother, with side trips to Charleston and Aiken, as well as spending time quietly watching the wildlife on Lake Livingston where they live. They are planning to fly to Houston, where they served for eight years. Their trip was delayed after 9/11. Now they are looking forward to spending time with dear friends. They attended our 50th Reunion and had a wonderful time. They look forward to attending the dinners of the Gold Medallions and to camping with their new pop-up camper. They send along their e-mail address: Thanks for the great update.

Morton and Mable Morgan Bradley sent a brief note. Since retirement they have been involved in community activities, including Habitat for Humanity, the AARP tax aide program, and adult literacy tutors. They also love to travel and in March visited Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand for a three-week tour with the Elderhostel program. Mort tells us that he had a second set of coronary artery bypasses last fall and is recovering well. Way to go, Mort! They have been in touch with Winnie and Bob Langtry.

Hi from Barbarann Bean. Barbarann writes us from Groton, Vt. We missed her at our 50th Reunion. She tell us that she taught grades 1 and 2 for 33 years, two years in Hampstead and 31 in Hampton, retiring in '85. She has been an active trustee/secretary and librarian at the Groton Free Public Library, starting her 16th year. She also worked at the Senior Meal Site for 15 years as co-manager and was a Sunday school teacher for three years. She loves to travel and has been to Canada, the Canyons, Grand Tetons, Finland, England, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France, and Italy and crossed the Arctic Circle. And what do you do in your spare time, Barbara?! I remember that in our senior year, Barbara and I did our student teaching in the same first grade with wonderful and patient Mrs. Metcalf at the Tilden School in Keene, Barbara the first semester and I the second semester. That was an interesting and fun time, wasn't it Barbara? It was great catching up.

A hello from Ernie Clark, checking in from Dummerston, Vt. He tells us that he taught junior high English for 27 years in Dummerston and later Brattleboro. He retired from education in '93 and has worked at a ski shop as a ski technician in the winter and a handyman in the summer. Hope you get a chance to ski in between jobs. He married Barbara Jawders in '54, and they have three children and one grandchild. He and Barbara visit their son in Colorado every year. (The skiing is great there, I hear.) They have enjoyed bus tours to Quebec, Prince Edward Island, and national parks in the West. They have traveled by train to Savannah, Ga., and Pennsylvania. He enjoys reading, woodworking in his shop, caring for his home and grounds, and playing with his grandson (that's the best part), and doctor appointments! Ernie, you seem to have been very active. Thanks for writing. It was great hearing from you.

Anita Rawchuck Nestor sent a quick note before she and Alex headed down to Mexico. She writes us that while she was visiting friends in England and Scotland, Alex was readying for a five-week trip to the Ukraine. He was going there to check on university accommodations for his two grandnieces and grandnephew. He is putting them through school. That is great. When he returned, they flew to Florida to tour and visit with her oldest brother (87) in Ft. Myers. They finished their stay with a cruise to the western Caribbean and went down as far as Belize. It was a pleasant trip. In the middle of November they were planning to leave by car to their old stomping ground about 40 miles north of Puerto Vallarta. That's a 1,500-mile trip from California down the coast of the Mexican mainland. They will return in March. Over Labor Day, they invited Pricilla Osborn Kidder and hubby Dave to a concert on the green at their retirement complex. Anita has been an excellent resource for news. Thanks for taking the time, Anita. Pricilla mentioned that Ruth Sakovich is slowly improving from her bout with cancer.

A brief hello from Howard Bergeron. Howie writes that he is retired after 28 years as an industrial arts instructor at Northbridge High School in Whitinsville, Mass. He and wife Polly Roy married in '48 and have three children. The family enjoys skiing, walking, and fishing. Howie's leisure time is spent in gardening, dining out, playing cards, and working for his son. He also volunteers for organizations in town. They have done a lot of traveling in the United States and internationally. Sounds like an enjoyable and busy retirement, Howard.

Don Carle wrote that he and Al Stevens had a nice chat at a home game of the KSC women's soccer team this past fall. Al's granddaughter, Molly Blanchette, is a freshman at Keene State and is on the team. She is going to be a valuable player the next three years. Al lives in Contoocook, and said that his six grandchildren have him scheduled for 36 soccer games around the state this fall. (Grandchildren do keep you hopping.) Don says, "If any Keene State teams are playing in your area, make a real effort to go see them. Keene State has become the team to beat in the conferences. They are good! Make yourself known to the coach."

The Golden Circle group met in November for lunch at Lily's of the Pond. Bruce and I and Claire Waterhouse Simensen were the only '52 grads who attended. It was a lot of fun as usual and goo d to see so many there. It was wonderful to see Clara Giovannangeli '73 and Ruth Keddy '43 there as well. The food was excellent, the dessert mmmmm! Norma Wright Walker '51 was her warm and wonderful self. She did an excellent job, as usual, planning and coordinating the whole affair. Thanks to Mike Maher '72 also for his part in planning. The Golden Circle will begin again in the spring. Come join in the fun and meet someone new! Until next time, have a wonderful winter and stay warm.

From Claire: First, I would like to thank Irene Parent for the wonderful job she has done since offering to help at our 50th. She has really put a lot of effort into it. Thanks also to those who answered her questionnaire. Let's hear from more of you. It takes only a few minutes.

Marian Brown Leavitt was one who responded with an update. She and Claude '51 are still doing two big antique shows yearly. It has been a fun endeavor for them since l984. While in Florida they both volunteer at a nearby medical center. They're "glorified go-fers," to quote Marian. However, their time is very much appreciated. Marian, did your granddaughter decide on KSC?

Which brings to mind an interesting thought. I wonder how many members of the Class of '52 have had children or grandchildren attend our alma mater? Maybe a reason for some of you to contact us!

Evelyn Bruce Quimby also replied. She's still active in musical groups in the community. She was very happy with our 50th Reunion. Had lots of good things to say about it. This summer I went to Lila Murphy's to visit. Barbara Dupuis McNally and her husband, John, were there from Virginia. June and Dick Chambers joined us. After much reminiscing we went out to dinner. Fun time!

I went to Keene for the Golden Circle luncheon at the College. None of our class was present, but I had a good time with others who were on campus while we were there. Norma Wright Walker '51 was making sure all went well. She gives so much of her time for the Alumni Association.

While I was in Keene I had a chance to visit with my roommate, Shirley Coffin Grover. We had lunch and really enjoyed catching up on our lives. We keep in touch but had not seen each other for 8-10 years. She still lives in Gilsum, close to both her married sons, and summers at Forest Lake in Winchester, her old hometown. She volunteers at the Community Kitchen in Keene a couple days a week.

Hope to see some of you at the Golden Circle meetings. Also, how about some news from those who are too far away to join us?

I recently met Irene and Bruce at a Golden Circle luncheon in Rindge. It was so good to see them. Wish there had been more of our classmates there. We talked about the "lost" members of our class and decided it might be a good idea to solicit your help. Some of you may already be in touch with some of these people. Here is a partial list (more in a later issue): Sally Barker, Newmarket; Osie Brown, Los Angeles, Calif.; Marian Bunce, Bainbridge Island, Wash.; Eugene Farrell, Sacramento, Calif.; and Lorraine Fournier Fistola, Hyde Park, Mass. If any of you have information on these classmates, please contact Irene or me.

Sorry I couldn't be in Florida for the Keene Reunion this year. If any of you were able to attend, please let us hear from you. Also, continue to send us updates on what you are doing. I know retirement is a busy time.


Audrey Chickering Ericson of Chesterfield, writes, "Very much enjoyed our 50th Reunion in May. I'm happily, busily retired after 25 years of teaching, with a 17-year "maternity leave" (four sons and a daughter) thrown in. Loved teaching and touching the lives of three generations of third and fourth graders."


50th Reunion – June 4-6, 2004


Bill Webb, of Reading, Mass., was reunited with his first-grade teacher, Ruth Jenisch Wivagg '40, when he attended a Faith Alive weekend in Tariffville, Conn., celebrating 25 years of ministry. He received a photo of his first-grade class taken in 1942-43.


45th Reunion - June 4-6, 2004

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