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We four "Round Robin" girls here in New Hampshire are still managing to have lunch together about every month or six weeks. Our Round Robin letter is still flying from New Hampshire to Pennsylvania to Arizona and back. We each receive it about three or four times a year.

Bertha Owen Duval and Kay Hidden Bourgault joined us at the Golden Circle gathering at Hart's Turkey Farm. We hadn't seen them for several years. We hope Lillian Rock Congdon and husband George will be able to join our Golden Circle gathering again soon.

Marion W. Andros of Walpole, writes, "I'm happy to report I'm in good health overall. My restriction on driving at night is an adjustment. Right now I'm still going up and down stairs and going for a 20-minute walk daily."

IN MEMORIAM: Patricia Labonte Heney '40 died on June 29, 2003, in Green Bay, Wis.


Summer is over, and our memories of the 60th Reunion are still fresh in our thoughts. We were happy that so many classmates were able to attend, but we missed everyone who was not able to join us.

Golden Circle members have enjoyed several gatherings. In July, I traveled to Lancaster to the luncheon at Cabot's Inn. I met two members of my cousin's Class of 1933. Christine Sweeney and I were the only classmates at the luncheon at KSC in August.

Barbara Brown Charbonneau and I have been keeping in touch with e-mails. Barbara Adams wrote to express her appreciation to the committee for planning the splendid Reunion. Barbara said she really enjoyed renewing acquaintances. Rita Sughrue wrote that she keeps in touch with Evelyn "Twissie" Woollett. Rita was sorry she missed Reunion. She was talking to a relative of Christine Janetos McLain, who now lives in Dover. She hopes to hear from Christine in the future.

Stay healthy, and write to me whenever you can. Your classmates are always glad to hear from you.

Marjorie Howe Herlin wrote that she attended the Golden Circle luncheon in Meredith. No other classmates were there, but after the meeting she visited Barbara '41 and John '42 Freese at their home in Havenwood, Concord.

Recently I received a surprise e-mail from Sandra Perron Panzeri '60. She was a student teacher and later a teacher at Symonds School when Mary Bergeron '43, Dorothy Day '35, '41, and I were there. Sandra now lives in Narragansett, R.I., with her husband William '62, M'72. They are innkeepers of the 1900 House bed-and-breakfast. Sandra also is a guidance counselor at the Youth Guidance Center. It is so encouraging to hear from former student teachers who have good memories of their student teaching period.

I still enjoy volunteering at the Alumni Center. Participating in the activities of the Cheshire County Retired Educators Association gives me a chance to visit with other retired teachers.


60th Reunion – June 4-6, 2004

Our classmate Richard "Dick" Sargent died August 4, 2003, in Wolfeboro. Dick took to heart the Keene State motto, "Enter to learn, go forth to serve." His 50 years in education included teaching in Concord, serving as director of the state school in Manchester, and serving as director of vocational education for Vermont. He received his master's degree from UVM. He was an avid philatelist, served as a sergeant in the Army, and twice ran in the Boston marathon. His greatest pride was his loving marriage and extended family. He is survived by his wife of 18 years, Robin, whom he first fell in love with during their college years and married 42 years later, after they met again at a Reunion. He is also survived by a daughter and son, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He was active in retirement years as a school board member in Freedom, and in many church and community activities.

Marilyn Miller Heath, of Springfield, took two wonderful trips this year. She went with a son and his wife to Anchorage, Alaska, to visit family there, and she went to Acadia National Park with family and friends.

Bernard Corson of Contoocock writes, "Twenty-five years in retirement and enjoying very active life. Happy memories of years at KTC."

IN MEMORIAM: Richard "Dick" Sargent '44 died on Aug. 4, 2003, in Wolfeboro.


The Class of '45 was well represented at the June Golden Circle luncheon in Concord. Carolyn Lang Jeffrey and husband Roy were there. One of their favorite activities is watching their three grandchildren participate in school functions. They also enjoy feeding wild birds and caring for them; Carolyn is called the "bird lady of Plaistow." She and Roy were about to celebrate their 57th anniversary.

Mary Buttrick Pelletier was planning a trip to Aruba in August. She's active in the Greenville Women's Club and her church and is director of energy management for her hometown. She winters in Florida.

Barbara Manning Gregoire travels during the winter months, visiting her sister-in-law in Texas and her son in California.

Carolyn Wynott Goodwill makes "trips, trips, and trips" visiting family and friends. She's also busy with volunteer work at her church in Concord, as well as at Havenwood Heights, where she lives in a lovely cottage.

Jadwiga Sokul Lagace says she's so happy to have her three daughters nearby. One of her favorite pastimes is growing a variety of flowers and vegetables at her home in Franklin. Vesta Fenderson Kennedy is also a gardener and shares her home in Keene with two wonderful cats.

Barbara Clark Stone sent us a nice long letter, bringing us up to date on her busy life. After graduation, she taught high school for three years and earned a master's degree in French at Middlebury College. While teaching in Warren, Mass., she met Richard Stone, whom she married in 1950. Three years ago, she toured northwestern France with her daughter Sue. Recently, she and Dick visited many points of interest while driving from Colorado Springs to Portland, Ore. She writes, "Dick and I attended the graduation of our oldest granddaughter, Karen Jelke, from the Air Force Academy in May." They spent Thanksgiving with four of their five children and eight of their 10 grandchildren, and in the winter they camped north of Yuma, Calif.

Barbara Butler Stone and Wilfred, her husband of 57 years, live in Palm Bay, Fla. A highlight of their 50th wedding anniversary was a tour of the western United States. They especially enjoy making day trips to Orlando to go to the dinner theaters.

Jackie Berry Slade writes, "After graduating from KSC, I taught four grades in a rural school in Plainfield. Then came the big wedding to Edward Slade, a veterinarian, and our move to Framingham, Mass. I subbed in the schools for a while and then zeroed in on further education in learning disabilities." In 1999, several years after Edward's death, Jackie sold their home and bought a condo in Vero Beach, Fla. She loves the amenities in the retirement community - exercise classes, trips, lectures, golf course, etc. She suggests we might like to try it. She has just sold her cottage on Nantucket Island and hopes to return as a renter next year.

Grete Meienborn Rule met with Mary Kachavas Kallechey in Manchester, where Mary spends her summers with her sister. They had a good "catch-up" visit, and Mary returned to Florida at the end of August. Grete writes that she had a wonderful time attending the ceremony in which her granddaughter became a nurse. In October, Grete and husband Lou attended an Elderhostel in New York. A course on the history and culture of France was of special interest to them, since Grete's ancestors were French. Their recent trips included Lake George, Niagara Falls, a cruise from Boston to Bermuda, and a special trip to Provincetown, Mass. Grete fell and broke her left wrist just before her 80th birthday and had to wear a cast for the next eight weeks. Grete and Lou took Connie Donaghey and Carolyn Goodwill to the Golden Circle picnic at Wadleigh State Park in July - a great location and great friends.

Doris DeGagne Bishop and her husband, Bob, have occasionally visited with Carolyn and Roy Jeffrey. Doris has lived in Manchester, Bedford, Bow, Lake Strafford, Lady Lake, Fla., Hooksett, and now Elkins. She taught home ec for 30 years at West High School in Manchester, the same school from which she graduated! She and Bob have been happily married for 57 years and have three children, eight grandchildren, and three great-grands, including twin girls.

Priscilla Mills McKane writes about her hobbies and some of the interesting experiences she's had since graduation. She taught in Spofford, in Derry, and at Wheelock School in Keene and received her master's degree from Columbia University. She and Irving were married in 1953 and for 22 years owned the Stage Coach Gift Shop between Troy and Keene. Imagine this - she sang with a group on stage at Carnegie Hall! While living in NYC, Priscilla met the Queen Elizabeth around midnight as the ship approached the dock on its maiden trip after World War II. Priscilla had dinner with the owner of the New York Times and her husband as she interviewed the daughter of a Far East ambassador who was at their home. In 2002, two books were published about the "Ghost Army" of WWII, and it was then Priscilla learned that her husband had served in this secret unit in Europe. Bill Blass, who was a friend and also part of the unit, was quoted in these books. The unit's activity was kept secret for 51 years by government decree. Priscilla was an avid wood carver, knitter, and seamstress and presently enjoys writing poetry at her condo in Keene.

Ida Parsons Valla and husband Steve '47 live in Concord, where Ida taught first grade for 19 years. Before that, she was on the faculty of various New Hampshire schools, teaching all elementary grades in different combinations. She and Steve have six grandchildren. Steve is diabetic and uses a wheelchair. Ida is kept busy taking care of him, and neither is able to take part in outside activities.

This summer Polly Fisher Bailey had two glaucoma surgeries followed by complications that will require a third operation. She's not certain she'll regain sight in the affected eye. She wants us to know she hopes everyone is fine.

It was rewarding to hear from so many of you. We plan to share more about your children, grandchildren, and greats in later issues. We hope other classmates will let us know their whereabouts.

IN MEMORIAM: Ruth Bartlett Chandler '45 passed away on July 28, 2003, in Peacham, Vt. She taught in Andover and Peacham, served as Peacham's ballot clerk, and was a school bus driver.


News items from the Class of 1947 are few and far between. Within the past several months, I have heard from Mary Esther Nagle Yelda, who now lives in San Diego. She became a grandmother for the first time in April 2003.

My husband and I attended the November Golden Circle luncheon and sat with Don and Ruth Blodgett Washburn, who spent the last half of the summer and fall in Massachusetts. Earlier, Ruth met Shirley Rolston Martell at the September luncheon in Maine. Ruth and Don left a week later to return home to Florida.

Ulysses and I weren't able to go to the Maine luncheon. He has to follow a cardiac rehab program three times a week, the result of a heart attack in July. With the aid of a stent, he has done well and in August took a cruise down the Mississippi River to St. Louis.

Eulalie Fellows Cogswell phoned in September to say that Sarah Johnson Huckins died on September 22 after a lengthy illness. Services were held at the Third Baptist Church in Center Strafford. Sarah did not attend our 55th Reunion in 2002, because treatments left her very tired. I recall that she served as our class secretary in early years. We remember Sarah as a vibrant, fun-loving classmate who easily brightened up any conversation anywhere, anytime. We send our condolences to her family.

IN MEMORIAM: Sarah Johnson Huckins '47 died on September 22, 2003. Services were in Strafford.


Nine classmates enjoyed our 55th Reunion on May 31: Barbara Saturley Bassett, Eleanor "Ellie" Smith Butler, Herwood "Zeke" Curtiss, Joyce Chickering Jernberg, Shirley Bacon Manna, Jean Harding Maxwell, Marjorie "Maggi" Parker, Alphonse "Al" Soucy, and me. Two spouses and a daughter – John Butler, Reg Maxwell, and Shirley's daughter, Sherry – joined us. Al and I sported leis straight from Hawaii! Thanks, Maggi. After reviewing the memorabilia display, we joined the Golden Circle group with Norma Walker '51. This was followed by group pictures and the parade to the luncheon to the tune of the bagpipe. We were blessed with unexpected sunshine.

Emery Chickering sent a note expressing his regret at not being able to attend and a thank-you for his copy of the completed questionnaires. We are grateful to the alumni office for compiling these for distribution.

Jean Maxwell sent an obituary for Eileen McCaffrey Roy, who died on June 25 in Laconia We extend sympathy to her husband, daughter, four sons, and five grandchildren. Barry Byron, son of Everett "Jack" Byron, sent a notice of the death of his mother, Beatrice, on April 15 in Phoenix, Ariz.

I'd like to hear from more of you with news – good news, hopefully. It's fun to keep in touch.


55th Reunion - June 4-6, 2004

Olive McMorran Dorr of Goshen, writes, "We will be headed for New Zealand (our fifth trip down under) in January and February. This will be an Inter-Hostel trip with UNH. Very much looking forward to it!"

IN MEMORIAM: George Sanders '49 passed away in December 2002.

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