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Susan Marshall in Manchester, N.H., writes, "Many thanks to Maureen Sheehan Hall for keeping so many members of our class in touch."

IN MEMORIAM: Jane Abbott Barry M'71 died May 18, 2003. She was an honors graduate of Middlebury College and taught French, Latin, and English in Enfield, New London, Peterborough, and Marlboro, N.H. She taught at Keene High School for 20 years before retiring in 1982. She published Growing up on Abbot Hill, her memoir of life in Wilton, N.H. in the early 20th century. With the Russell family, she donated 800 acres to become the Russell-Abbott State Forest. Jane was active in Middlebury alumni affairs, the Historical Society of Cheshire County, the AAUW, and Friends of Keene Public Library. She was married to Fred L. Barry '36, for whom the Barry Alumni Center is named. She is survived by sons John '71 and James '77.


From Roger: I retired from the New Hampshire State Police in 1996, and my wife just retired from Timken Company. We have begun to travel and go camping extensively.

William T. Staples, Cumberland, R.I., retired from American Mutual Insurance Company in 2000 and started a second career with Fidelity Investments. He has been married to Sheryl, an RN, for 31 years and has a daughter, Christa, living in Rhode Island; a son, Tim, in Boston; and one grandchild, Evan. He writes, "I read the alumni news every time it comes out and very rarely see any note from my class. I keep saying that I'm going back during one of the Reunions and never set time aside to do it. I would love to see some of the Alpha brothers and other friends write in to update us all on what has been happening in their lives. I have a lot of memories from school, some bad, but most good. I am proud to have attended KSC and to see the direction it has continued to grow in."


Sanford (Sandy) Shapiro writes from the San Francisco Bay area, "Hey there to all my classmates and friends from '74, '75, etc. Hey to the old Carroll House crew: Tommy, Tom, Eddie Christopher, Murph, Parson, others with nicknames not suitable for print, Norman Michaud, and the ladies: Patty, Nancy, Joan, Bobbie. Have stayed in education all the years since KSC graduation, and that's taken me to Australia (first job, and, by the way, where in the world is Robert Carter, anyone know? Last I heard he was still in Traralgon, Victoria, Australia), Vermont, California, northern Idaho (now that's a whole other story), and Alaska (which is where I met my wife of nearly 13 years now). Have raised/am raising two stepsons, have had the ups and downs we all have had, and always have good memories of KSC cross country teammate Pete Hanrahan still in the Monadnock area I think, Tom Keegan...come on names, come back to me...Favorite KSC classes: probably Dave Leinster's western civ, and Tara (Nancy) Stuart's English class, because they both really encouraged thought and deep learning. E-mail:"

IN MEMORIAM: Sister Roseann LaBounty M'75 passed away June 27, 2003, in Windham, N.H. A Sister of Mercy for 50 years, she taught at the elementary, secondary, and college levels in Manchester and Nashua. She was director of the distance education program at Castle College in Windham and taught computer classes at St. Christopher School in Nashua.


Sandra Santa Maria of Egg Harbor Township, N.J., is her school's 2002 Teacher of the Year. She has been teaching 26 years in the Hamilton Township school district and has been grade-level coordinator for kindergarten the past five years.


From Marcia Millian, Wells, Maine: "I am now teaching kindergarten and love the change after 23 years in special education. My own children are 17, 14, and 12, and are all excellent students and into many sports. I am truly blessed. My husband and I bought a vacation home a year ago in Boothbay Harbor. We love our quiet time there."


From Sylvia Corley Brink: "Hello classmates! This past May we celebrated our 25th anniversary of graduating from KSC. Dianne was unable to make the trip to Keene for Reunion Weekend, so I volunteered to report on the events and who turned out. Dianne was at Camp Lejeune that weekend, welcoming her stepson home from Iraq, where he had served with the Marines.

So here goes. Reunion went well! The weather held, at least during the crucial parts for our class. Some of the other classes had to move their evening events indoors. Basically all day Saturday was sunny and nice while we had our barbecue.

I met Laurel Armington Lang with two of her daughters on Friday afternoon. Her mom and sister are also KSC grads and were there with their husbands and children. I ate dinner Friday under the tent in front of Huntress Hall with some people from the classes of '71 and '73. One of them was Stephanie McCormack Nicholson, who works in the Alumni Office. Don Carle '52, the former alumni director, came over and joined us. It was interesting talking to him about old times at KSC.

At the mixer Friday night, Dale Van Cor introduced himself to Laurel and me. He lives in Winchester, has a couple of children, is a Boy Scout leader, and has invented and received the patent for the Van Cor Transmission, a new high-tech transmission, too technical for me to understand, but interesting sounding. On Saturday, I went to the class meeting on campus, but no one showed up, so after a while I walked downtown and checked out the new shops. Keene was celebrating its 250th birthday and had a street fair going on. Back on campus, while shopping at the beautiful KSC bookstore, I ran into Jean Tetro, Kathy Gray Bush, and Laureen Harlow. Kathy, Laureen, and I ran out just in time to catch the end of the Parade of Classes as it was about to enter the Student Center. They had a bagpiper playing for the parade. Very nice!

Laurel and I drove to the picnic out at the College Camp. The renovated building and new pavilion are just beautiful! There was a lovely lunch of various salads, shish kabobs, hamburgers and hot dogs for the children, and cookies and brownies. There was a cash bar, along with iced tea and lemonade. This is the event where the majority of our class met. The list of attendees included, and if I leave anyone out, I'm sorry: Laurel Armington Lang, a stay-at-home mom; Sylvia Corley Brink, special ed teacher; Carol Briand Sheil and her husband, Marty Sheil '90. He was in our class, but didn't graduate with us. They married right after Carol graduated, and he joined the Army. He came back in 1990 and finished his degree. Marty then returned after 21 years in the Army and got his teaching certificate. They are both teachers in the Derry, N.H., school system; she teaches special ed and he third grade. They have two sons, the oldest just graduated this spring from KSC and will teach high school math in the fall.

Continuing with the list: Gail Burgess has been teaching in Hillsboro, N.H., since graduation. Darcy Davidson is working and married with two children, 10 and 12. She wins the prize for knowing the most about people in our class as we went person by person through the yearbook. Alan Davis was there with his wife. Gerry DeLabry, Pam Dushan, and Rich Emmel were there. Kathy Gray Bush is married with five children, Laureen Harlow also has five children. Jon Harris, Larry Minichiello, and Tom North were there. Gaye Putnam, Dale Van Cor, Jerry Zimmel, and Kay Maroni '77 were also there. When Darcy and I left the camp, we thought we counted about 25 people in attendance; however, when I went back through the yearbook for names, I couldn't make my list come up with that many. Soooo, if I left anyone off the list I'm sorry.

Saturday night there was a dinner-dance with an undersea theme in the Mabel Brown Room. The food was delicious, there was a DJ, and many of the classes had people in attendance. I have to mention one special grad. A gentleman from the class of '38 joined Carol, Marty, Darcy and her sister ('83), and me for dinner. His name was Luther Preston '38 and he lives in Greenland, N.H. He was very funny and we even got him out on the dance floor. At 88 he was probably the oldest person in the room. There are funny stories from the evening that can't be printed, like...well, I'll tell you when I see you. I was very pleased to see the beautiful new buildings. They've done such a fantastic job updating the campus. I would still choose KSC if I had to do it over again. They have begun tearing down part of the Science building. If all goes well, the new addition and complete renovation will be finished in fall 2004.

It was a fun weekend. I left before the breakfast with Dr. Y, since the weather was supposed to get very nasty and I wanted to get home. I wish more of our class could have attended. Maybe for the 30th."


Susan Chandler Ingalls, owner of Teeter Toddler Childcare in Hancock, N.H., was recognized in April as the state's second nationally accredited childcare provider at a ceremony in Concord. She received awards from the New Hampshire Child Development Bureau after completing the six-month accreditation process. She has been involved in early childhood care and education for the past 20 years

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