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IN MEMORIAM: Debra Hoffman '80 passed away Feb. 22, 2003.


Here is an update from Dave Pouliot: I ran around with the Razorbacks at KSC and had great fun there. Since graduating, I moved to St. Louis, Mo., to work for McDonnell Douglas in a variety of engineering and management positions. While in St. Louis, I met and married Patty and now have two boys, Aaron, 16, and Zachary, 14, and a stepdaughter Stacie, 20. I also picked up a master's degree in engineering management from Washington University in St. Louis. We moved to Toronto in '96 for three years, this time for Boeing to work on commercial planes, finally settling into Seattle in late '99. When not in Diego Garcia for the Navy, I work as the F/A-22 manufacturing engineering manager at Boeing. I am also in the U.S. Navy Reserve and am presently on active duty (since 1/22/03) and stationed in Diego Garcia. I can be reached at Take care and have fun at the reunion.

Pamela Perham Graesser writes: I am finishing up my 10th year as director of the student counseling center at Rivier College in Nashua, N.H. Jessica Guild-Deleault '93 began working with me this year as a staff mental health clinician. It's been fun swapping KSC memories back and forth. I am finishing up a community healthcare management program this spring at Antioch New England and in my spare time, or what's left of it, I have been pursuing my lifelong passion of silversmithing and jewelry design. I will be having my first show this spring!

Jan Tofferi is an early childhood teacher in Ludlow, Vt. She writes: My fourth grandchild in 20 months was born in April. The others are Paige, 20 months, Calvin, 18 months, and Aislynn, 2 months. All that early childhood training is paying off! Hi to Christy, Laurie, David, Marie, and all the Teacher Corps folks!


Good news! Class of 1984 donations toward the 2002 KSC Fund were actually $3,008, keeping us in line with the classes of '83 and '85, who donated $3,065 and $3,063, respectively. Thank you, once again, to everyone who helped us reach this goal!


June Marchant of Warwick, R.I., attained national board certification in early childhood in 2001. She works in the Warwick public schools.


From Tori Berube: Greetings, classmates! I know, I know. News in consecutive issues - go figure! Now that you are seeing classmates write, I hope you are inspired to e-mail or write with your own latest happenings. Thanks to all of you who contributed to the Annual Campaign - it was great to see all our donors listed in the winter issue of Keene State Today! On to the news...

Mike Muhlfelder ( writes: "Life is good for the Muhlfelders. Just coming up to five years at Siebel Systems and am trying to weather the economic downturn and sell some software! Feels like we graduated five minutes ago, but I have happy reminders every day that a lot of time has passed. My son Jake is seven and daughter Hannah is four. They are two of the nicest, sweetest kids anywhere. It is most certainly due to the daily influence of Deb, who has made it her career to guide them through the daily trials and tribulations of growing up in the new millennium. We still live in Chelmsford, Mass., but take every spare opportunity to get to our "sanity shack" on Cape Cod and get our toes in the sand. It is amazing how fast a glass of wine and a bay breeze can make you forget about the real world."

Katie Burke ( writes she and her husband took two of their three sons to Keene one day last summer. She says, "I haven't been there since May 1986 and boy was I shocked! I thought we would have a nice lunch at HD (Henry David's), and I would show them around the campus. It was pouring rain and it took us about four hours to cross Vermont! When we finally got there, HD's was gone!"

Sue Anderson Fortier and Steve Fortier ( have put their Keene State degrees to good use. They are now in their fifth year co-directing the Meeting Waters YMCA, which serves over two dozen communities in the Brattleboro, Bellows Falls, Springfield (Vt.) and Fall Mountain (N.H.) regions. Their website is at Steve also maintains his community leadership consulting and training practice, CommuniTeam. In October 2002 Sue and Steve were lead presenters at an international student leadership conference in Prague, Czech Republic. They shared their experiences in youth-adult partnership development with teens from over 20 countries as well as their International School principals and student activity coordinators. CommuniTeam's website is at Steve and Sue live in Alstead, N.H., with their wonderful children Sean, 11 and Laryssa,10.

And one of our favorite soccer stars, Chris Pangalos ( writes he is still on the Marine IR (Inactive Reserve) list until June 2003. He writes, "...If this develops into something more and it turns into a bigger war, then I won't wait to be recalled - I'll volunteer right back in." Chris also found time to take his Harley to Myrtle Beach for a recent Bike Week!

Sharon Bridburg writes she and husband Keith Brown '85 have been married for 10 years. They have two boys, Kyle, 6, and Henry, 3. After living in Concord, Mass., for eight years, the family has relocated to West Hartford, Conn. After leaving KSC, Keith got his JD from Northeastern University and currently is the director of client services for Tymetrix in Hartford. Sharon has worked at MIT as a director of HR for the past seven years and plans to continue at MIT part-time doing a combination of commuting and telecommuting now that the family lives in West Hartford. Keith continues to play soccer in an over-30s league and now coaches Kyle's first-grade soccer team. The couple looks forward to connecting with some old Keene friends in the Hartford area and continues to see friends from Keene as many of us are turning 40 (how can that be?!). Sharon writes Keith and Kyle went on an ice-fishing trip on Lake Winnipesaukee, where they stayed at the home of James Kallfelz '85 and Betsy Lucas-Kallfelz.

Curt Herr ( writes he and partner Rich Stockwell '85 are running a theater company in Bucks County, Pa., with Leslie Jacobsen '92. Curt continues his search for Karen Koehane '87.

If you are in Connecticut and are in need of a limo ride, call Mike Lindsey (! He writes "It's been 14 years since I started Lindsey Limousine, Inc., with only one car and a dream. I now have 14 vehicles in the fleet including Lincoln Town Car sedans, stretch limousines, super stretch limousines, vans, and a luxury coach, and we employ over 30 people at our facility in South Windsor, Conn. I was also recently voted Operator of the Year, and the nation's #1 limousine service by Limousine and Chauffeured Transportation Magazine." Mike's company also received an Industry Achievement Award last year for the best company web site ( Ladies - Mike is still single and has a home in Tolland, Conn. He stays in touch with Joe Czajkowski, Clint Campbell '85, Mike (Spike) Tardiff, and Mike's wife, Kris Sears. He says Joe married in August 2001 and is happily living in Pennsylvania and says Clint is still very much a renegade and living somewhere in New Jersey. He only lets you find him if HE wants you to. He reports Mike and Kris are living happily in Concord, N.H., and have two great boys - Sam and Ben. Mike continues to attend homecoming in Keene annually!

Dave Bashy ( is looking to hear from his Kappa brothers! Dave writes, "I'm currently working for Fleet Asset Management in Boston. My wife Christine and I got married in August 1999 and have been settled in Hopkinton, Mass., since November 2000. I've had a side gig as a pilot and flight instructor in Norwood and Bedford, Mass. Christine and I were pretty active for a few years traveling and serving on the board of directors for the Improv Boston Theatre in Cambridge. However, our days now are focused around our daughter Amelia, who arrived Sept. 5, 2002.

An e-mail arrived all the way from picturesque Santa Barbara, Calif., from Carol Kelly-Elwell ( Carol writes "Every time I see a copy of Keene State Today, I am amazed at how beautiful the campus looks." Carol keeps in touch daily with Tracy Chamberlin-Robinson (, who is now Dr. Chamberlin and has two children. Carol continues, "After living in the Hollywood Hills for what seemed like forever, my husband and I bought a ranch in the wine country of Santa Barbara. We have horses, dogs, cows and critters but no kids yet...I retired from my international marketing and PR job four years ago to compete in show jumping with my horses. Now I freelance with local wineries, hotels, and restaurants, sort of staying in tune with my journalism major. Can you believe we didn't have computers in college???" Carol is looking to hear from Holly Hansen, Paula Scavuzzo, Biff Lougee '87, who was last seen in Tokyo, Allyson Calhoon '87, and Karen Flannery '87.

Portland, Maine, is where Deborah Klotz ( is calling home these days! Deborah writes she purchased a home last year. She works in accounts payable at Siemens and also makes pots on the side for local restaurants and a pet cremation company in Maine. Her pottery has been featured in Saveur magazine. Deb reports she has two pet angelfish and enjoys the outdoors in Maine. She is actively looking for Yvonne Deshaies '85.

Now practicing law in Akron, Ohio, is David Drew ( David attended the University of Akron School of Law and graduated in 1990. He has his own practice in Akron and also served as the prosecuting attorney for the City of Stow, Ohio, from 1996 to 2000. David married in January 2003. Congratulations!

I think that wraps up all the news I have for this issue, but I hope to hear from you. If you are searching for a classmate, please let me know as I have e-mail addresses for many of our classmates. Stay well!

Carey Leonard and his wife Cheryl have a baby girl, Amanda Faith, who is 2+ years old and "the treasure of our lives," he says. Carey and family live in Norwalk, Conn.


Kimberly Samson of Westminster, Mass., said she was looking forward to her 15th Reunion this spring.


Brian Zawodniak of Enfield, N.H., tells us Enfield's middle school cross country program continues to improve. His John F. Kennedy Middle School boys and girls cross country teams finished the 2002 season with a record of 10 wins and 6 losses each.

Erin O'Connor Jones and her husband Doug welcomed a new baby girl, Margaret Baker Jones, in March 2002! They are living in Portland, Maine. Michelle Stromberg Ohlhaber and husband Bill welcomed a little boy in February, Carl Roy. Joanna Linstead Quinlan and husband Kevin are getting ready to celebrate their daughter Elizabeth's third birthday.

Erin hears from Amy Sullivan, living in Florida and working on her Ph.D. Amy can be found in sunny Central America doing research. She also keeps in touch with Murphy Daronco Finegan '88, who is living in Greenwich, Conn., with her husband Neil.

Erin and Doug enjoyed a visit and dinner with Pam Backes of KSC Career Services last fall, and look forward to another visit from former professor JoBeth Wolf and her husband this summer when they make their way back east from New Mexico for a vacation.

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