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Karin Lavery Previti '90

Our Friend
by Kara Levens Farley '89 and Dawn Swenson '89

Pure generosity of spirit, heart and mind is so precious – it's something that emanates from someone who is truly happy. Karin was so very fulfilled in all aspects of her life. She was an incredible mother, wife, and probably one of the best friends any one of us could ever know.
For anyone who ever spent time with Karin – you would know her family was the most important thing to her and her friends were an extension of her family.

On any given day you could be sure to find Karin planning something. However simple or involved, her intention was always clear. She loved to find reasons to bring people together. I know a lot of us have experienced Taco Tuesday, or perhaps Fajita Friday, not to mention all of the other wonderful things Karin anchored – the golf tournament, numerous fundraisers and Lobster Fest outings, just to name a few.
Of course we have to mention Karin's incredible sense of humor and her infectious laugh. It didn't even matter if she was laughing at something funny or if she was really just laughing at you – you couldn't help but laugh with her, even if it was at your own expense.

For example, when Alex was first born, I remember being at the Previti compound and Karin telling me that Alex really loved to hear the theme song from the Love Boat. So for months whenever I would visit I sang the Love Boat song to him, loud and proud, until one day I noticed Karin in the kitchen doubled over laughing. Clearly the joke was on me.

For those of you who were not aware, Karin really was an authority on just about everything. Her knowledge had no boundaries. It didn't matter if your dilemma of the moment was your garden or the best way to invest; Karin had the answer. As for myself (Kara), she guided me through every step of being a new mother.

I know she was a bit worried about me! Karin made sure she was always available to answer my hundreds of questions daily, and then have a good laugh about how little I really knew. She would take that two minutes she had and try to help. Just the other day she sent an e-mail telling me what chapters I should be looking under in the baby book to address an issue my son was having. I am a better mother today and forever because of her giving so much of herself. Karin has given a little bit of herself to everyone here. She has forever touched our lives in both small ways and big.

Gladys Fairfield Stover '28 passed away Nov. 21, 2002, in Peterborough, N.H. She was an elementary school teacher in Washington, N.H., and created a cottage industry with her sewing machine.

Harriet Anderson Blaisdell '33 passed away on January 24, 2003. She had been living in Golden Valley, Minn.

Harriet Anderson Blaisdell '33 passed away on January 24, 2003. She had been living in Golden Valley, Minn.

Theodore C. Lylis '38 passed away Nov. 17, 2002, in Babson Park, Fla. He was a teaching principal in Errol, N.H., head of the math and science department at Spaulding High School in Rochester, N.H., superintendent of schools in Windham County, Vt., and superintendent in Barre, Mass. From 1967 until his retirement in 1980, he worked for the Massachusetts Department of Education.

Virginia Blanchard Dowell '44 died Oct. 20, 2000. She earned a master's degree in library science from Case Western Reserve University and was the director of the New Britain, Conn., library; president of the Connecticut Library Association; and a director of the New England Library Association.

Joy Harlow Pasquarelli '44 died on Aug. 3, 2001. Joy was an elementary major at KSC.

Geraldine de Rochemont Stein '44 passed away Dec. 15, 2002, at her home in Hingham, Mass. She had been suffering from lung and brain cancer. Geraldine was a home economics major at KTC. She is survived by her husband of 58 years, Laurence B. Stein Jr.

Henry "Hank" Mann '49 passed away.

Elsie Richard Hastings '49 died Oct. 18, 2002. Services were held in Woodstock, Vt., in November.

Luther M. Copp '54 died Dec. 7, 2002, in New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Luther was an Army Air Corps veteran of WWII. He earned a master's degree from Boston University and served as teacher and principal in many schools in New Hampshire and Florida. He played trumpet and implemented school bands and plays. He was a Red Cross instructor, director of summer camps, and town auditor for Rindge, N.H. He was voted "Teacher of the Year" in Seville, Fla. Luther was also class secretary for the Class of 1954.

Gordon Gould '58 died Oct. 31, 2002. He was a teacher, then became full-time fire chief in Raymond, N.H.

Carol D. Frechette '62 passed away Jan. 11, 2003, in Manchester, N.H. She taught at Gilsum (N.H.) Elementary School and at Parker School in Manchester. She also worked at Casual Male, Family Bank, and Moses & Gagne Financial Planning in Concord, N.H.

Nancy Jane Currier Watt '68 died April 16, 2002. She had lived in Bourne, Mass., where she had been a fourth-grade and substitute teacher.

Maureen West Shelton '74 passed away Dec. 26, 2002, in Spotsylvania, Va. She taught fourth grade in King George County, Va., for nine years and Spotsylvania County for 16 years.

Timothy Garland '77 passed away on August 13, 2002, at the age of 54.

Karin Lavery Previti '90 died Jan. 14, 2003, from injuries received in a snowmobiling accident at her home in Glastonbury, Conn.

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