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A most interesting note came from John Seidell. He and his wife Leatrice (Streeter '46) have a busy and interesting life in Bloomfield, Conn. They both work as volunteers in a tourist information booth at Bradley Airport and also visit and assist at a nearby lifetime care facility. He was Santa Claus for their Christmas party this past year. They also are active in the Mended Hearts organization, making regular visits to cardiac patients in the Hartford Hospital. These visits began following Leatrice's bypass surgery 13 years ago. John's big "hang-up" in life is his hobby of collecting antique coat hangers. He has a growing collection of both wooden and wire hangers, some with advertising printed on them. He puts out a newsletter called "Updates" in which he provides interesting information on hangers to a circle of hobbyists who also collect coat hangers. If that interests you, contact John at 139 Tunxis Ave, Bloomfield, CT, 06002 or e-mail him at

Walter Bucklin writes from Florida, where he and his wife Eleanor have been living for the past 45 years. Walt has been retired for the past 10 years after an interesting and rewarding career in vocational education. He spends time in New Hampshire and the mountains of North Carolina in the summertime to stay cool. He has seen three of his children through college and now is watching the educational progress of two grandchildren.


Richard Leclair joined classmates Jill Knight Wyman, Barbara Sullivan Brooks, Nina Krochmal Witham, and Norma Wright Walker at the Golden Circle luncheon that was held at Warren's Lobster House in Kittery, Maine. Richard won the mystery package.

Put June 1, 2003, on your calendar to return to KSC for the dedication of the Alumni Courtyard where our sundial will be finally located. All who have taken part in Bricks for Books will be honored.

So nice to have Al Gleason and his wife Bertha '50 with us at Indian Shutters. It has been a long time since they have been with us and they were welcomed by many of the alums present.

Doc Chase writes from Southern Pines, N.C., to tell about the river cruise they had taken through Europe last summer. They journeyed from Budapest to Amsterdam via the Danube, Mainz, and Rhine rivers. Sixteen days were spent on the boat and three days in Amsterdam. Doc and Fay met some interesting people and the weather was perfect. Doc and Dan Butler keep in regular contact.

Glenna Yeaton Nutter and Edward celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this year, as did many of our classmates. In October, the Nutters toured Italy, revisiting Venice, Milan, and exploring Tuscany. Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate a special occasion. Glenna also wrote that they were sad to read about the tragic death of Dr. Leo Redfern. Edward and Leo had been roommates for three years at UNH.

A very interesting article appeared in the Keene Sentinel regarding a very special friendship between Dorothy Robertson Arwe and Reeva Segal, who lives in Israel. They share a coffee break every morning even though they live far apart. Reeva Segal lives on the Kibbutz Barkai in Israel, and Dorothy lives in Keene. They communicate via computer with a software program called ICQ, or "I seek you." The two ladies have visited each other's homes – even though Dorothy's children are concerned about her trips to that part of the world.

Barbara Garland Woods is still on the go. She traveled to Michigan to watch her grandson join the church, then back to New Hampshire. It wasn't long until she was off to Texas to spend Thanksgiving with her daughter. Then it was Christmas at home and Florida in January.

There never seems to be a dull or quiet moment in Norma Wright Walker's life. She is in her second year as president of the Cheshire County Retired Educators, is a Reunion 2003 contact with the Alumni Office for several classes, is a member of the Reunion 2003 planning committee, serves on the Hancock High School reunion committee, and is chair of the scholarship committee for Kappa Delta Gamma, Alpha chapter.


Neal and Bev Slocum '54 live in Burlington, Vt. He writes, "2002 was indeed Bev's year of self-indulgence after talking me into a two-week tour of Italy in September. She seemed to love it all, but I did find the old cobblestone streets and walks slowed me down, plus all the long, stone steps at the historic buildings to climb. The one high point of our tour was the relaxing gondola cruise along the Grand Canal in Venice."

From Irene Parent: Congratulations to Becky James Brusie of Swanzey, N.H., on the birth of her new great-granddaughter, Emily Laura Dye. Mom and baby are doing fine in Lehi, Utah.

Don Carle and wife Charlotte Nelson Carle '53 spent a day with Bruce and me, traveling through the White Mountains in New Hampshire, enjoying the scenery and the leaves. The Old Man, Cannon, and Loon mountains are still spectacular sights in the fall. Bruce and Don enjoyed the trip up Loon Mt. in the gondola while Charlotte and I went shopping.

Anita Rawchuck Nestor and husband Alex live in California and returned from a trip to the Hawaiian Islands. While there, they observed an active volcano. They stood two feet from the red-hot, molten lava, but only for a few minutes, as it was so hot. They will spend the winter in Mexico.

Claire Waterhouse Simensen mentioned that she will spend a few weeks in Florida. We'll be thinking of you, Claire.

Bruce and I spent a weekend with Carol Lou Luscombe Greenwood '54 and hubby Del. They have retired to Maine and reside in West Enfield. They have a lovely home on the Penobscot River with a beautiful view of the river from every window. We all had a wonderful time visiting the Bar Harbor area, Acadia National Park, Sandy Beach, and Cadillac Mountain. Beautiful sights. If you are ever in Maine, these places come highly recommended.

I was happy to get together for a luncheon reunion after many years with Joan Neilsen Nelson, Barbara Roy Fee, and Norma Morrissette Mallat, "the commuter gang." We had a great time looking at pictures and talking about old times. Norma tells me that she retired three years ago after 43 years of teaching. She and Bob '58 still live in Keene and have three grown children. Mary Margaret and family live in Japan; Ann Marie and family live in San Jose, Calif.; and Robert III and family live in Keene. Norma and Bob spent the Thanksgiving holiday in California with Ann Marie. Norma tells me that since retiring she enjoys going to the gym, while Bob spends his time in various activities connected with KSC and is a member of the University System Board of Trustees. They are enjoying their four grandchildren, two boys and two girls.

Barbara tells us that after she graduated from KSC she started teaching in grade one and was in the classroom for 13 years. She taught Chapter I, was a substitute teacher, and was a special education tutor. She married husband Robert, who died in 1989, and they have two children. Jennifer lives in Brunswick, Maine, and Robert lives in Stoddard, N.H. She has two grandsons. Barbara, now retired, lives in Keene.

It was also good to get together with Joan after 50 years. She and husband Jack have two children and live in Lowell, Mass. Joan has been retired for 5 years after 40 years of teaching. She spends much of her time babysitting her grandchildren.

The Golden Circle luncheon was held at Lily's on the Pond in Rindge, N.H., in November. Only three '52 alums attended: Don Carle, wife Charlotte, and Bruce and I. If you haven't attended any of these gatherings, you are missing a good time. We really had fun. Hope you can make it when it starts up again in the spring. Contact the Alumni Office or Norma Wright Walker '51 for dates, places, and times.

I got a note from Don. He writes that he attended most of the KSC fall athletic games and adds, "We can be proud of our student-athletes. They are very competitive, they are winners, and they place right up in the top three places of the Little East Conference. In fact, all the other teams in the conference are out to beat KSC." He also states, "If you are ever near any one of the colleges that Keene plays, try very hard to see a game. Introduce yourself to the coaches. They are great people and would love to meet alums. KSC athletes are making a great name for Keene in Division III."

Would love to hear from classmates who have not written for a while. Please give us an update of your activities and whereabouts. We would love to hear from you.


Can it be? If you can't remember, it was almost 50 years ago we graduated. We hope all who are able will return for our half-century Reunion in May. Millie Turner is our delegate to the Reunion committee and expects to see many of her classmates. She has reserved a room for us for a Saturday night dinner. Anita Bremner Gardner, Peggy Bulley, Ed Curtiss, and Howie Mortenson will be there. Dick Waldo, Bud Haywood, and Dick Cobleigh are coming, and our class president, Dean Corrigan, will be there to conduct our class meeting at the Saturday evening dinner. We would love to see Joe Graves, Gloria Jackson, Bev Jackson, Wally Russell, and Pat Bonardi. In fact we would love to see every member of our illustrious class come back to review together the 50 years since we graduated.

We should be thinking about a class gift for this historic event. Should we fund a scholarship, buy some bricks for the library walk, give a weather vane? Your suggestions are welcome. You can start sending your contributions to the Alumni Office. Make your checks out to the Class of '53 Fund.

The Class of '52 turned out 35 members for their Reunion last year. We surely can do as well. Let us know your thoughts for a proper gift and any ideas you may have on how best to celebrate this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.


IN MEMORIAM: Luther M. Copp '54 died Dec. 7, 2002, in New Smyrna Beach, Fla. Luther was an Army Air Corps veteran of WWII. He earned a master's degree from Boston University and served as teacher and principal in many schools in New Hampshire and Florida. He played trumpet and implemented school bands and plays. He was a Red Cross instructor, director of summer camps, and town auditor for Rindge, N.H. He was voted "Teacher of the Year" in Seville, Fla. Luther was also class secretary for the Class of 1954.


Gladys A. Lees '55 died in Nov. 21, 2002, in Swanzey, N.H. She earned her bachelor's and master's degrees at KSC and taught in Fall River, Mass.; Hinsdale, N.H.; Brattleboro, Vt.; and Keene, where she retired from Franklin School in 1970.

I had Christmas letters from Jane Barry '71 M.Ed., Dolly Waite '57, and classmates Glenna Phelps, Betty Kilgore, Priscilla and Les Young, and Ruthie Kinson.

Mrs. Barry has been ill and moved to 33 Christian Ave., #126, Concord, N.H. Her son John has a 16-year-old son Sean. I used to take care of John when he was in first grade.

Dolly spent time with her mother in New York, staying with her during her last days. She is still teaching at Palm Beach Elementary School in Florida. She made several trips to New England during the year.

Ruthie Kinson still remembers my birthday and anniversary. What a remarkable memory.

Priscilla has four grandchildren, ages 15, 12, 3, and two months. We plan to visit Priscilla and Glenna this summer.

Betty lives not far from me, but we rarely see each other. Even visits to the grocery store are far apart.

Glenna continues with her "Free to Read Every Day" book program. She has a lot of courage to keep so busy. See you next June.

There have been deaths in everyone's families. It just goes to show that we are growing older. Think of each other in your school memories.


We were happy to hear from Roland V. Stoodley. He writes that he lives in Newport, N.H., and is married to Barbara Ann Fenderson '91 (B.A. in psychology). She is a psychiatric nurse and they have five children. Roland graduated from Keene High School in '49, went into the army '49 to '53, and finished KSC in three years to graduate in '56. He taught at Rutland (Vt.) High School, then started a tool design school in Connecticut. He left to become director of education for the Connecticut State Prison System. He taught four years at Coventry High School in Connecticut and then taught at NH Technical College in Manchester, then at the University of Illinois. He came back to start the NH Community Technical College in Claremont and was president for 24 years. He is presently a full-time volunteer as AARP field volunteer director and is responsible for AARP presidents and volunteers in 10 northeast states and Puerto Rico. He and Barbara reside at 466 Ok St., Newport, NH 03773.

Our classmates extend our deepest sympathies to Bernard J. and Eleanor Webber Ellis on the death of their son Kevin P. Ellis. Kevin, aged 37, was killed in an automobile accident in New Haven, Conn.


Shirley Ingalls Gould '57 wrote to say that her husband Gordon died Oct. 31, 2002. She says, "After his teaching career, he became a full-time fire chief in Raymond, N.H., for seven years, retired from that and went to another job until our retirement in 1995. Since then, he used his woodworking skills in doing crafts, mostly children's toys. We were fortunate to be able to continue to travel until recently."

IN MEMORIAM: Gordon Gould '58 died Oct. 31, 2002. He was a teacher, then became full-time fire chief in Raymond, N.H.

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