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New Class Notes 1931

It was a pleasure to see the smiling face of Clarice Head Lacey once again at Warren's Lobster House in Kittery, Maine. She received her Golden Circle medallion and a yellow rose for graduating before the rest of us who were present. Clarice had recently visited her classmate Harriet Richardson Ames, who lives in Pittsfield, N.H. They share a very special and long friendship.


The Class of '33 was represented by Margaret Newman Chickering, Nathalie Scott Tisdale, and Frances Shaughnessy at the Golden Circle luncheon held at Indian Shutters in Charlestown, N.H. They each received flowers for being the earliest graduates in attendance. Many thanks to Margaret and Frances for agreeing to write letters to their classmates encouraging them to return to campus for Reunion 2003. They can celebrate 70 years since graduating from Keene Normal School.

Our sympathy goes out to the family of Martin Heffernan, who died in his sleep on Nov. 2, 2002. Marty served as class president when he was a student. He will be missed at the alumni gatherings held at Hart's Turkey Farm in Meredith, N.H.

IN MEMORIAM: Harriet Anderson Blaisdell '33 passed away on January 24, 2003. She had been living in Golden Valley, Minn.

IN MEMORIAM: Harriet Anderson Blaisdell '33 passed away on January 24, 2003. She had been living in Golden Valley, Minn.


Stella Shaw McEachern joined 35 KSC alumni and guests for the delicious luncheon at Warren's Lobster House in Kittery, Maine. We first met Stella at the Galley Hatch Restaurant in Hampton back in 2000.

Mary Grimes Doyle has returned to her home in Dublin, N.H., after spending several months with her son in Spofford. Always nice to hear from Mary, because her letters are always cheerful.


Ferne Coffin Fogg moved to Roundup, Mont., in November 2001 to be with her daughter Judy Hawkins. She says, "Find area peaceful, beautiful, and loving. Everyone should be so fortunate. Happiness and health to all."


IN MEMORIAM: Theodore C. Lylis '38 passed away Nov. 17, 2002, in Babson Park, Fla. He was a teaching principal in Errol, N.H., head of the math and science department at Spaulding High School in Rochester, N.H., superintendent of schools in Windham County, Vt., and superintendent in Barre, Mass. From 1967 until his retirement in 1980, he worked for the Massachusetts Department of Education.


Our annual fall gathering was held on the last Wednesday of September at the Cat 'n' Fiddle restaurant in Concord, N.H., as usual. The attendance was about the same as last year. We all realize that we are getting older, but there was no mention about not meeting next year.

I am proud of my classmates. We have been together since the fall of 1935. Yes, we are older but our contemporaries would still recognize us. We really look pretty good and are quite active in a moderate sort of way. It pleases me to say that we still enjoy each other's company. Those present from the class of '39 were Bunny Berry Dodge and husband Cap, Edna Twombly, Grace Blanchard, Ernie Fiske and wife Lorraine, Angela Lampesis Johns, Helen Marison, Lloyd Sprague, Carl and Lillian Bartlett, Rose McCaughey Reyor, and husband Ed. I am sorry to add that Ed Reyor passed away a few weeks after our gathering. Ed came to many of our gatherings and we will miss him.

We heard in many ways from the following classmates who were not able to attend: Paul Perkins, Ruth Bernier Mitchell, Edith Carrier Foulds, Dorothy Orser Nelson, Rowena Newell Walsh, Dick Dundas, Gordon Tate, Helen Thomas Chase, Elinor Richardson Morin, Virginia Bodwell Parkinson, and Ruth Maker Worrad. I have left Jane Jeffery Whitney near the end of my list for a reason. After our September Reunion Jane received a packet of KSC notepaper that pictured Elliot Hall, where the Barry Alumni Center is presently located, and she wrote the following, "As a matter of history, I was born more than 84 years ago in what was then called Elliot Community Hospital, so I am especially sentimental about that complex." Thank you, Jane. It is good to be sentimental once in a while.

It had been a long time since I had talked with Bert Tardif, but in late November I did just that. Bert and wife Therese have raised seven children, and all of them have done very well. They are pleased that six of the children still live nearby in the Manchester area. When I last spoke with Bert, he and his wife were planning a winter trip to Florida to see their seventh child, a daughter who lives there with her husband. In talking to Bert, he compared his home to a photographer's gallery because he has so many pictures of his 17 grandchildren covering the walls of his home. I am pleased that I had the opportunity to talk with Bert. It was nice to hear about him and his wonderful family.

Stephanie Nicholson '71, from the KSC Alumni Office, and her father Newell McCormack were able to join us for lunch back in September. We enjoyed their company and it was nice to have two younger people among us. Stephanie represents the Alumni Office very well. She is gracious and understanding in her dealings with our class. She was able to give each of us some attractive KSC notepaper that featured Elliot Hall, where the Alumni Office is presently located. She brings us up to date on what is happening at the College. It is our hope that Stephanie and her father will be with us again next year.

Our International Educational fund was worth about $54,000 as of June 30, 2002. It is probably worth less now due to the shaky stock market. The total annualized return of the endowment pool for the periods ending June 30, 2002, including interest, dividends, and appreciation was –9.83 percent. Please don't despair; better days are ahead. Our fund has been used since 1994 to fund 17 visiting scholars from all over the world, including 5 from Europe, 1 from Asia, 3 from Africa, 2 from Central America, and 3 from South America. Three islands included were St. Kitts, Trinidad, and the Isle of Mauritius. The scholars covered disciplines ranging from architects to writers, to musicians, and many others in between. Our money has been invested and used wisely. When we were in College our horizons were very limited, mostly to downtown Keene and maybe Beech Hill.

I have been almost 900 miles on my bicycle this year. I do like to challenge myself and do some things before I get too old. Late in October my wife Lil left me with my bike near the ocean in Salisbury, Mass., on what proved to be a very windy day. That wind blew in my face all of the 24 miles back to Kittery, Maine. We did stop for lunch, but my riding time was just a little over two and one-half hours. Next year, I will try the ride again with the wind at my back.

We send our best wishes to all our KSC friends. Our next fall gathering will be at the Cat 'n' Fiddle in Concord at noon on Sept. 24, 2003. Please save this date.

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