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Mary Ellen Fifield did a guest appearance in a one-room classroom - Center School - in Canterbury, N.H. She attended a one-room schoolhouse when she was growing up and also taught in one after graduating from Keene Teachers College. The Center School is home to the Canterbury Historical Society. Fifield answered questions about the early days of the school.

IN MEMORIAM: Robert W. Rivers '50
October 23, 2006
San Antonio, Texas


From Norma (Wright) Walker '51: "Our sympathy goes out to the family of Vernon Dube, who passed away in February after a period of failing health. His wife, Marilyn, may be reached at 517 Birchwood Circle, Sheleyville, KY 40065; 502-844-2212.

"A wonderful Christmas phone call came form Homer "Doc" Chasen. Doc said he and his wife traveled to Maine twice during the summer to visit Faye's ill sister. They also took a trip to Gloversville, N.Y., where they had met while teaching school. It was a great time renewing friendships from nearly 50 years ago. Doc recently made a call to Joe McCaffrey. They chatted and he also talked to Joe's wife, Mary. She told him that they have a daughter living nearby in New Bern, S.C. Another daughter came to visit for Thanksgiving. Joe is having health problems like the rest of us.

"Beverly (Proctor) Boyer's Christmas letter always contains wonderful news of her family and all their activities. She travels between New Jersey and Naples, Fla., several times during the year. Bev was planning to spend the holidays in Delaware. She usually meets her college friend Elaine Schmidt Chesley in January to celebrate Elaine's birthday.

"Rita (Hayes) Evans enjoyed a visit from her two boys and their families for the holidays. Her son Bob is in the Army Reserves and Rita is concerned for his safety if he is called to serve. Rita and Arnold were planning a trip to Atlantic City in February with other AARP members.

"Pat (Parent) O'Donnell writes from Florida that she is still working part-time. She also tries to attend all the athletic events that involve her grandkids. Pat is very proud of their academic and athletic achievements. Last October, Pat journeyed to Manchester, N.H., and Wells Beach, Maine, to visit four aunts, whose ages' range from 82 to 98. She enjoyed her time with them.

"Paul and Jill (Knight) Wyman sent a wonderful card that contained pictures of their children and grandchildren. In the center, Jill was holding her first great-grandchild. It was a beautiful holiday greeting.
"Art and Judy Williamson celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in December 2006, and they also renewed their wedding vows. They were planning to entertain Art's family for Christmas.

"Nina Krochmal Witham knew that winter had come to York Beach, Maine, because there was ice on the sand. She and Bob have been busy helping their children on their homes. They had recently been glazing windows, but Nina did the painting.

"Pauline Buillard Brown and her husband traveled to Florida in their trailer, where they plan to be until early April. They will be managing a park once again. Always good to have them with us at the Golden Circle luncheons along with sister Peggy '54 and her husband, Jim.

"Martha Bassett Sargent reports having snow in Virginia on December 5. Martha and Dick were planning to spend Christmas in Wisconsin with their daughter. Their son was coming from Colorado to join them. Last September, Martha and Dick came to New Hampshire to celebrate Dick's 60th high school reunion, which was held in Concord.

"Barbara Avery Clark sent an interesting Christmas card that had a picture of the Old Man of the Mountain on it. If you looked closely there was Santa and his reindeer flying down the side of the profile. It was all colored in various shades of green.

"Sally Barker Andrews was looking for snow at her home in Brentwood, N.Y. I think New Hampshire could send her several feet, and we wouldn't miss any of it this winter.

"Del Langille is as busy as ever. He often wonders when he had time to work because he has been so busy since he retired. I heard he had done some damage to his ankle, which might have slowed him down for a while.

"Always look forward to Charlie and Lois '54 Plimpton's Christmas letter. They write about their activities of the past year on one side and the grandkids write about their activities on the other side. The Plimptons can be proud of their successful and very bright grandchildren.

"Recently, I had a phone conversation with Barbara Garland Woods. She is now living in Hanover, N.H., not far from her son. Barbara still has her cozy home on the lake in Enfield."

IN MEMORIAM: Vernon Dube '51
February 28, 2008
Shelbyville, Kentucky

IN MEMORIAM: Dorothy Henderson '51
December 29, 2006
Rockland, Maine


From Irene (DiMeco) Parent: "Alan B. Stevens died suddenly on January 1, 2008. Alan enrolled at Keene Teachers College in 1948 and graduated in with our class. While in college he helped organize the first hockey team ever sponsored by the college. Alan played four years of soccer and additionally won the college cup in varsity tennis. His teaching years included serving at Oyster River, Laconia, and Winnisquam High Schools, and ending with Gulliver Prep School in Miami, Fla."

Winnie (Woodbury) Langtry writes: "We've really had a winter. The snow is almost up two-thirds of my bay window. The plow has left snow in piles about 15 feet high in the yard. I had a respite that will never be improved on. Alex and Anita (Rawchuck) Nestor invited me to join them at their winter retreat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. What a wonderful eight days I had. Their condo is beautiful on the bay with four swimming pools. Anita and Alex treated me to wonderful food and opportunities to see so much of the area. One day, we went on a boat trip along the bay and watched mother whales nurse their young. The beach was coarse gravel with many pieces of sea glass. I tried snorkeling and did manage to see some beautiful fish. The crew danced and sang to us. The food in Puerto Vallarta was excellent, from seafood to the champagne brunch with marimba players to the two-for-one margarita lunch that will be remembered. The plane flights were long, but my memories of the Botanical Gardens and the humming birds visiting the patio outside the living room all are memories that I will never forget.

"It was great talking with Rachael (Osborne) Kidder as well as Julia Booras while Anita and I were together. May all your skies be Puerto Vallarta blue as they were on my wonderful vacation. If you have more news or took a wonderful trip this year, please let us know so we can share with others.

"Lila Murphy, Julia Booras and Grace McNevin Chandler and I will get together as soon as the roads are open again. Maybe Claire (Waterhouse) Simensen and Irene (DiMeco) Parent will be able to join us as well.

"I'm still very active in my church and community. Our group from the Hopkinton Church is planning to return to Biloxi, Miss., this fall for another week of restoring homes. Twenty-eight people from our church went last year and will go again. The fellowship of our group is stronger every day as we work to raise money for the trip and materials to help restore the homes. God bless you all."

IN MEMORIAM: Alan B. Stevens '52
January 8, 2007
Contoocook, New Hampshire


IN MEMORIAM: Jacqueline Greenough '54
Westmoreland, New Hampshire


Mary Gline wrote: "Charlie Gilman passed away July 14, 2007. He had been ill for quite some time and didn't come to our 50th because of illness. Remember that he was referred to as 'Charlie I-demand-parliamentary-procedure Gilman.' He always came out with that when we had class meetings. It was funny then."

Mary Ann Pellerin is now the coordinator of the thrift shop in the retirement community where she lives. Residents, heirs, and staff donate "treasures," which are sold to help defray expenses for the various activities run by The Collington Residents Association, Inc. Mary Ann is also chair of one of those activity groups, The Walker Interfaith Chapel Committee. Besides this, she was recently ordained as Deacon at Village Baptist Church. She continues videographing and editing many Collington events. And she claims to be retired! "Classmates, it's time to share your news. Don't put off writing another day. We'd love to hear from you."

IN MEMORIAM: Arlene Contois '56
September 4, 2007
Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

IN MEMORIAM: Charlie Gilman '56
July 14, 2007

IN MEMORIAM: Martha Marcotte '56
July 26, 2002
Concord, New Hampshire


IN MEMORIAM: George Gamache '57
January 21, 2008
Greenfield, Massachusetts

IN MEMORIAM: Dorothy McCarthy '57
September 21, 2007
Milford, New Hampshire

IN MEMORIAM: Edmond Thibodeau '57
March 5, 2008
Manchester, New Hampshire


Mike J. White has worked for 12 years at Walt Disney World. He teaches about animals at the Disney Animal Kingdom.

Bob McQuillen announced that Great Meadow Music has become the publisher of McQuillen's 1,319 tunes and six recordings. McQuillen plays and writes music for contra and square dances. He was presented with the National Heritage Fellowship Award by the National Endowment of the Arts in 2002, the nation's highest honor for folk and traditional artists. A piano and accordion player for more than 60 years and a former teacher at the Peterborough Consolidated School, McQuillen, 84, said he began writing tunes in 1973. He was inspired by the death the previous year of a former student.

John S. Wondolowski, B.S., M.Ed., passed away on December 11, 2007, of natural causes. John was a lifelong educator and member of the Association of American Geographers, Organization of American Historians, Atlantic County (N.J.) Historical Society, and New Jersey Council of Geographic Education.

IN MEMORIAM: Carmelo Cavalieri '59
March 8, 2007
Portsmouth, New Hampshire

IN MEMORIAM: Thomas W. Sawyer '59
October 4, 2007
Holland Township, New Jersey

IN MEMORIAM: Harold Yeaton '59
March 11, 2008
Concord, New Hampshire

IN MEMORIAM: John S. Wondolowski '59
December 11, 2007
Stamford, Connecticut